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  1. aw thats ok i still saw it! just had to copy and paste the link into a new window and it worked
  2. UUUUGH I JUST FOUND the kewlest betty boop pic and it won't paste???
  3. [IMG]*QeeIsz--qbVz2naVPxFJ20gzhU8c3ZUHv8vREzrFk2nxCwkzfKo9K/GoodMorningBB.gif[/IMG]
  4. LMAO!!! ok, you can keep him a bit longer, just don't break him
  5. awww I have to give him back whyyyyyy indian giver
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSE! take good care of him. I want him back in once piece :D

  7. I hope I feel better too! want to actually eat christmas dinner LOL and yep am taking my antibiotics on time as well as the good cough syrup so hopefully give it another day and i will feel good enough to eat normal again
    was ok today didnt want breakfast but have to eat something when i take the antibiotics so i forced myself to eat some cereal then lunch i ate a little piece of pizza which is more than i have actually eaten in the last three days so its a start anyways
  8. I hope you feel better soon rose. Pneumonia sucks! don't forget lots of pillows to prop yourself up, and rest chickey. REST! and don't miss any of your antibiotics. remember to take em ontime!

    i feel sad everyone is sick at xmas time.

    i know what i'm asking santa for..healthy sc'ers! no not new ones. the old ones, reinvented.

  9. for writing that letter to p&p
  10. aww..sorry your pissed...

    i came across this and thought of you. too special not to share:

  11. LOL well if I keep having more than one b-day a year I will be 65 before you know it
  12. woops..IGNORE THE 65!!! OMG..LOL!
  13. okay, sending you a NON-birthday cake. they do that at zellers u know. and if it just happens to be your bday, it's free! but the cake don't look like this!

  14. its not my b-day idk where ergo got that from LOL
    my b-day was march 1st hehe but I will take another b-day as long as I get cake
  15. so sorry rose..happy birthday.. (belated!)
  16. ya, my earz were burning! glad u guys liked it. BOOP BOOP BE DO!
  17. LOL love that pic!
  18. :D see group invite. you'll need this to get in.

  19. this is kinda big, but here goes..
  20. anything for you chickey..:D
  21. Love that pic of betty thanks
  22. LOL awesome love the betty pic!
    have a good weekend!
  23. i am assuming that idiot is from netwinner being forced to sit on sites all night that have netwinner on them reassuring them to come play they will get their prizes
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