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  1. i got so much from durex because i was one of the first on here to email them and ask for samples and then i posted about it on here and everyone got different things untill they only gave out coupons. lol (i think i still have the picture of what they sent me in my photo album on here)

    and i think trojan sends a few condoms and lube samples and coupons (thats what i got from them about a year ago) maybe they send something different now ? i think i will give durex and trojan an email later. lol
  2. well thats a much better freebie than mine.. you put mine to shame.. lol i wonder if trojan is as generous? lol
  3. haha nice! i remember when i wrote to durex last year and they had sent me a bunch of boxes of condoms, some vibrating cock rings a few finger vibrators and a bunch of lube samples.. lol hubby thought that was the best freebie EVER! lol
  4. LOL well lillydale i wrote and commented, they just replied and said they would send me a "cirtificate" which was a 5$ voucher =) and the condoms, i wrote durex asking if they had any "naked" feeling condoms(as hubby was complaining, and im not having any more babies lol) and they said they did, they would send me a sample. I was shocked when i pulled a full BOX of 12 and TWO sample boxes with 3 each... im stocked up for a while! lol and hubby is pretty excited to try them.. lmao men are easily amused i suppose.
  5. thanks for the rep.. wow 7:30am.. thats pretty early.. i hope they dont knock on my door at that time.. lol the kids dont wake up till about 8am. lol but i hope i get mine tomorrow .. im so impatient when i know a package is on its
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