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  1. Thanks for your message, Lynn! I hope you had a great Christmas
  2. Hi, Hon....nothing out of the ordinary for Thanksgiving..too much food, too much We're having our BFFs over on Saturday for dinner since their two daughters can't make it home this weekend from Toronto. She's been diagnosed with ALS, and is getting weaker as the weeks go by...for that I'm certainly not's unbelievably unfair.
    Then 11 for dinner at our DD's on Monday...they can fit everyone into their dining-room (our former living-room), so I'm doing the turkey, dressing, gravy, carrot casserole (by request , a pumpkin pie and a white chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecake. I'm exhausted just thinking about it! She's doing a big ham, the candied yams, and her MIL is bringing the potatoes and a green veggie dish. And yes, the guys do the clean-up!!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend too, Hon! Are you close-by your family or is someone doing some travelling?

    Take care...huggles, Lynn
  3. Thanks Lynn! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Doing anything special?
  4. Hi, Hon...Oh, Jenny's a wonder alright!! Busy, busy....we just had our afternoon nap (we do that occasionally), since I have a wedding to perform this afternoon and don't want to be dozing off doing it...she's very clever, that's for sure and is so affectionate to everyone. We really did get lucky with our new doggy again...she's a pick eater, I've been researching homemade dog foods...the bagged stuff can be so scary..
    I hope you're enjoying a perfectly lovely weekend too, Hon and that life's treating you well!
    {{{Hugs to you!}}}
  5. Thanks Lynn! How's Jenny doing?
  6. Hey Lynn! How are you doing on this fine day? Any big plans for the summer?
  7. Hi, Papillon! She's lovely, thank you for asking! Oh, there's no doubt that she's a handfull, but she's pupppy-pad trained (unless she forgets how far away her bottom really is, and does her business at the very edge...or just off..the paper), full of energy, and for the first time this evening, she sat right by the back door, where we take her outside, and when I asked her if she wanted to go outside and grabbed her sweater she went nuts! LOL! So how could this Mother not take her out in the snowstorm?! LOL!'s just snowing, but she had a blast! She brings me so much joy with her antics...I just love her so much...

    And how is everything with you, Hon? Everything back to 'normal' after the holiday madness??
    Have a great week...Lynn!
  8. Hi Lindi! How are things with the puppy going?? She looks like a sweetheart!
  9. "Roommate"...cute
    We just rec'd new pics yesterday and we can pick her up on the 4th. Which of course, we will do. Her cage is ready..I sewed a fleece pillow with a flange on each side so that no bars touch her...just for training purposes of course, and for her when she feels the need to be in her own space. We did that with Tammy...then of course, she had the run of the house! SO excited!!!!
    And how are things in your neck of the woods?? All fine, I hope!
    Have a lovely Saturday, Papillon!
  10. So Lynn, when's the new roommate moving in?
  11. Thank you, Sweetheart...for your kind words..I'm sorry you lost your doggie last year - it takes so long to heal, doesn't it? I'm sorry you teared up again...that wound never seems to heal, does it?

    Our daughter said that if we're to do more travelling (and according to my hubby, we are), she would take in a little dog rather than a big one because (a) she's not a dog-lover...she likes cats, and (b) with their little guy, she's afraid of having a large dog around him. So....although I'd give my kingdom for a great'll be a small dog. And I need a dog that will live a long time, which means a small dog...I figure if she lasts 15 years, she'll outlive me and then I won't have to be sad anymore..

    Take good care, Sweetie!
  12. Lynn, I'm glad you accepted the request
    I know what you mean about losing a furry one. I lost my dog that I grew up with last year. Life just isn't the same. If I happen to come across a picture of him it's like a burst of emotion hits me. Now I'm tearing up!
    Give yourself as much time as you need to grieve. Maybe look into being a foster parent for a bit, that way you can have a dog, know you're doing good for another pet, but you don't have to feel like you're betraying your other dog by getting another pet right away.
    Some more info I thought of: Winnie was from a breeder called Newtopaz. They're located in Brampton. He's about 10-11 pounds but he looks like he's more from his height. They generally live a long and healthy life and stay puppy-like for their whole life. He doesn't bark or growl unless he's playing. Otherwise he's very calm and quiet. Anyway, good luck and have fun traveling!
  13. Awww....I'm honoured to be your Friend, Hon!!!
    Thank you for the invitation...!!!

    Thank you for your thoughts on your sweet Pappillon. I've always loved that breed although I'm not certain there are any breeders in our area. I did maul a sweet little Bolonka the other day, but omg...they're so tiny I'd be afraid of stepping on one!
    Our Tammy was the love of my life and everyone who ever met her immediately fell in love with her gentle ways...she was every inch a lady and I doubt we'll ever find another like her. Some part of me feels as if I'm betraying her by having another dog, although I know she'd like another dog to be loved so much in our home.
    She'll bring one to us in good time, I'm sure of it...for now we've got some travelling to's so hard not to have a doggie in my life. I'm only now able to sit on our patio without crying...Silly, eh?
    Thanks, Sweetie....!!
  14. Hey Lynn,
    I'm sorry to hear about your dog passing. Yes, I do own a papillon! He's the one in my avatar. He is extremely easy to handle, I hardly had to do any training with him. He's smarter than any dog I've ever owned and took to commands almost instantly, very weird. He still needs more socializing though with people as he is a bit shy around strangers. Oddly enough, he took to the rest of our family right away, wasn't the least bit shy with them. It's like he senses a familiarity with them because of us. He's very perceptive and extremely smart, I don't know how else to explain it other than he just "gets" it. If I have to clip his nails he knows that's what I'm doing before I even grab the clipper. I'm very happy with him. He was only around a child once while I've had him and he was stand-offish, but that was probably because she was a stranger. Once he gets to know someone he is very friendly. Anyway this was long-winded haha let me know if you want any more info!
  15. Papillon...I might have asked you this before, but do you own that breed of dog? Our pookers passed away last February, and although we won't be purchasing another one until perhaps fall or winter, it will be a smaller breed this time. I just wondered what you thought of them...hard to train? Good with children?
    Thanks for any info you can give me....
    Hope you're having a great day, Hon!!...Lynn
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