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  1. too cool thanks for keeping me updated on this I am going to check my order now and see whats happening with it will let ya know!
  2. Hi good news I have received the second hat from Searay today in the mail so check your order reorder if you have to. This one is black instead of white I thing its better. LOL
  3. Hi I just checked my new order and it shows it was shipped Oct 5 so try reordering yours again.
  4. Hi i just checked my order that i just did on Sept 26th"s it is in process may be i will get another one this time i will keep you up dated.
  5. awe man hats cancelled that sucks! I was already thinking that I wasnt going to get it. It has been a long time now.... but hey I guess there is always hope....if it comes then BONUS! have a great day Bucky and thanks for all the great finds!!!
  6. Hi iI just check on the site for the Sea Rayhat and it showed my order was cancealed so iI just tried again I will keep you up dated on what happens Bucky01
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