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  1. No worries It's not the best app out there - a lot of the offers have been on for months now! But they do add 2-3 new ones every 7-10 days. You'll need to check it periodically because they dont do a good job at advertising the new offers. The good thing about it that some of the offers will be on food items with no restrictions (unlike snapsaves). You probably wont be cashing out weekly, but it's a good app to save a few coins...after all, it all adds up!
  2. Thanks for the suggestion d.ot! Can't believe I did not know about the App! Unfortunately the receipts from Brands gone wild don't include any details, just cost so unlikely I can claim it but I've downloaded the App for future use.
  3. Nice shop You can claim the post-its on the app for more savings!
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