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  1. What? you staying out of trouble never knew that could happen. Nothing much for me been working overload so not much time for anything else. Trying to make big life changes including job change, going back to school, and moving out on my own. I plan within the next year to have all this.
  2. Hi Ricki, thanks for the rep. Just been busy staying outta trouble, lol. How have you been?
  3. Ya, just the one is in school, but is sad to see it end,. but the other is looking forward to starting in the fall. Ya, like you, been busy with stuff, never seem to have enough time in a day.
  4. I work nights and days (1 full time position and 2 part time positions). Seems like I have no spare time to myself. I barely have time to keep up with the freebies and contests anymore. I know its been awhile since we had a long chat. Hows the kids doing? Im sure they will be happy when school gets out.
  5. I'm good thanks Ricki, boy sounds like you have been busy but things are going really well for you, I am glad to hear that. Nothing too new, was just thinking we hadn't gabbed in awhile.
  6. Hey!

    Im doing alright. Graduated and working which in some ways is good. Saving up for a house now and hopefully pay it in full. How have you been? Havent seen you around.

  7. Hey, how's things been going Ricki? Hope all is well, just dropping in to say Hi, Moe.
  8. Wow, 3 part time jobs must keep you busy enough and still going to school. I am glad to hear your almost complete with your education, that's wonderful. Sorry to hear the doctors still can't figure out what is wrong. It's like there not running the proper tests on you. So, any prospects for employment thru what you went to school for?
  9. I work 3 part time jobs now but I guess during the week is my relaxing time. I plan to just work small part time jobs until the doctor figures out whats wrong he even admitted to me he has no idea and all tests have come back negative.

    I was just entering contests and thinking I havent seen Moe around lately .

    Hope your enjoy this nice warm weather. I actually had a picnic with my sister today (we re both procrastinating against major assignments).

    Hope everything good with you and the family.
  10. Im doing alright still alive . Still fighting with my doctor and well he just a complete tool. Almost done school 13 more days . I have 2 exams next week then 120 hours of placement to complete. I move back home on the 29th of April. Im in the mids of moving back home slowly bringing piece by piece. Im currently procrastinating against my last assignment . Havent been online that often just checking in and havent really been freebie / contest / coupon hunting. I usually get out of bed to go to class and crawl back in. Not looking forward to finishing school means I have to work .
  11. Hi ya Ricki thanks for the rep boost. Hiding, not really. Been a bit less on SC due to work and stuff, but am usually in the coupon section. How's life been treatin ya?
  12. Morning Ricki, thanks for the cute Thanksgiving message, take care, Moe.
  13. Thank you for the rep ricki, will try to stalk you, well maybe, have a good night, Moe.
  14. Lol ricki, thanks for the rep, I've never waxed in my life, looks too painful, ouch.
  15. Hi Ricki, thank you for the reps, hope your having a great day, take care, Moe.
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