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  1. Print it off and take it with you!
    If you tell you its excluded then you can show them the print out and ask where it states that then.
  2. lol! i should !! i went on the spccard website and it doesn't list cosmetics as one of its exclusions. thanks!
  3. well I don't know what to tell you!
    Do you still have your book...does it list exclusions?? Or maybe look on the website. If it doesn't list exclusions then they should have to take it.

    Plus I probably wouldn't of called....I would just go and use it and act like you know you're allowed. less likely to tell you no.
  4. so i called two of the closest The Bay's, and they say they don't take SPC CARD for Cosmetics department. I don't know how you got it . . . =\...
  5. we're quite alike then...maybe we all are here ! haha. i just look for deals here everyday !
  6. oh no, I'm far too lazy for that! If I'm on here I'm playing games! = )

    I just like to shop! lol
    DH just wishes I was a "cheap" as most on here....but I like my brand names! lol
  7. that's awesome do you have your own youtube channel or blogspot ?
  8. I don't remember collections names. The last one was from the xmas collection. A favourite one I have no clue when it was from. I got it 2 years ago. Its in a long skinny purple case. I even picked up a few things from the Barbie line. Nail polish is usually $3. Powerpoint liners were $8. I THINK I paid $10 for my last paint pot.

    Even at MAC counters at Macy's in the states everything is a few dollars cheaper. And its only 6% tax.
  9. hm. i should ask my mac counter at the bay if they always took SPC 'cause I recently bought a few things which could have saved myself about $8 which is almost half the price of a lipstick/eyeshadow. i've never shopped at a mac outside of ontario, but it would be nice to go to an outlet, lucky you
    which 6 pack shadows are you referring to ?
  10. Hi, I used it at the London location...probably in the summer.
    I live on the boarder so I tend to buy more in the states, its much cheaper.
    Especially at the Saks 5th avenue outlet. Its usually a collection behind but they often have the complete collections. I have gotten the 6 pack shadows for less than $20.
  11. hey. i just read your post on 's page about SPC CARD for MAC COUNTER AT THE BAY ? ? ? ? ARE YOU FOR REAL ? lol! I never knew this ! Which location did you use this at ?
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