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  1. Oh dear, Saundyl, I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your dear little pup. Losing a little one is heartbreaking, but I know from experience time really does heal our hearts and we can finally remember them the way they were...memories live on in our hearts and one day we'll see them once more. So terribly, sad, Hon....
  2. Hi! So what do you craft at, Saundyl?? I've been making quilts the past couple of years, some jewellry but only for myself, but mostly sewing for myself, as per my rant in the 'diet' thread.
    Did you happen to see the ring-bearer pillow and Christmas stocking I made for my Niece in the chatroom today? I was given her Grandmother's wedding gown by her Mom, my SIL, to make the pillow, so I also made a Christmas stocking for their little baby girl. My Brother passed away in July, so he won't be walking her down the aisle, her Mom will, but thank Heavens he did meet his little Granddaughter. I'll be a sobbing mess at the ceremony!!
    Anyway....time to get healthy, eh? I want to be around for our Grandson, who is 8...I'm aiming to see him graduate university..well, fingers crossed!!
    Take care, PM me anytime if you need suggestions etc...I'll be on that diet board once this wedding is over and camping is done...end of October, I think!!
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