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  1. At least you get some relief with new family but it does boggle the mind about the nerve of people, no matter what income level they are at.
  2. Re Christmas family...I don't know what got said to family. I don't know who we will get for family until mid to late November. Once they start getting greedy, they usually switch me to a new family
  3. Thanks
  4. Thank you! It is hard to buy for an almost 80 year old mother, who doesn't need anything! Have a great long weekend
  5. Read of your good PC Plus offers this week-hope in-store gives you more points to make the trip even better! May your favourite cashiers be on duty as well!
  6. I know so annoying...I have a few offers this week for items priced a couple of cents below level for points...ivory soap, organic milk... Come on it is bloody $5.99 for 2 L and you give me an offer for 600 points for every $3. Ugh so annoying! Oh well in the scheme of things not a biggie I guess. Have a great week!
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