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  1. Thank you for the rep and kind words
  2. Way to go! That's my thinking to Target
  3. Thanks! Dh did well with his 70% off coach leather coat. But I was hoping to get lots of Christmas shopping done and get some winter boots. Oh well more shopping will have to be done here! And maybe a quick trip across the pond for a target fix!!
  4. haha ~ weirdos
    My roomate told me that the other day he passed someone in our condos hallway who was wearing pajama pants and he says to this random stranger "So, just getting back form Walmart?" LOL
    The dude actually laughed apparently and said, embarrassedly that he had been lazy and had just ran to the corner store. hahaha
  5. You're was really weird! Even dh commented...most were also smoking up a storm. I was like..step away from doors you are making me uncomfortable!
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