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  1. Good...good Happy it all worked out!! it was quite the deal
  2. All worked out! Happy I was able to get in on this deal before the change on Sunday evening. Wondering if it was a mistake to keep it unlimited? In any event, I'm ready for spring cleaning
  3. haha... you have a point hope it works out for you!!
  4. I can imagine! Thank goodness the number is toll free, or else my phone bill would be through the roof...but I'd have the overage to pay for it lol
  5. I know I was very lucky I was NOT happy when I saw they rejected an already-approved receipt LOL
  6. Thanks! Another page to check regularly lol
    I usually only visit the flyers and brags much to do, so little time
  7. There are many posted on Smartcanucks here:

    Some are over, but there are frequently new ones posted, so check often!! You never know, you might get lucky good luck!
  8. Thanks for the rep - what's the best way to enter? Are there any websites that post current contests? I'm a total zero when it comes to these things
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