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    I'm going to work on getting more formula. I've just made a stack that I can use at London Drugs. Woo hoo - never thought I could really do formula as it's so pricey.
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    Thanks for those Heinz coupons - here's what I was able to buy and I left a thanks on this thread to you. Thanks again.
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    i got venus embrace
    2 coupons
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About smurf
Trade List:

15x $3.00 WUB3 different Lylsol products. (Dec 31/09)
15x $1.00 WUB1 Scott mega roll towels (Oct.04/09)
2x $1.00 Evercare Lint roller or refill (Dec 31/09)
3x $1.00 Downy Wrinkle Releaser (any size) (Dec 31/09)
3x $3.00 Dryel Starter kit or Refill cloths(Dec 31/09)
1x .75 Any scrub free bathroom cleaner (Dec 31/09)
15x $2.00 WUB2 windex (Aug 1/10)
15x $1.00 on any Pledge Aerosol product (July 1,10)
10x $1.50 any Cascade Action Pacs. (Oct 31/09)
7x $1.00 any 1 Air Wick Aqua Essences or Odour Stop Aersol. (Dec 31/09)
14x $2WUB2 different Mr. Clean Products. (March 31/10)
4x $1.00 Affresh washer cleaner pouch. (Nov 30/09)
13x $2 on pledge fabric sweeper for pet hair. Aug 1/10)
6x $6 WUB 1 Swiffer WetJet & 1 Swiffer solution (Mar 31/10)

20x $2.50 WUB1 tampax Pearl or tampax compak pearl (18-40 ct) (Oct 31/09)
10x $1.00 Try U tampons. (Oct 11/09)
8x $2.00 Schick Intuition Plus or Schick Quattro (Jan 31/09)
1x $2.00 Listerine Total Care mouthwash (Dec 31/09)
6X $3.50 Dove Go fresh coupon booklet. (Dec 31/09)
10x .75 any Banana Boat product (excludes lip balm) (Dec 31/09)
11x $4.00 Moyflex (Nov 30/09)
5x $1.50 WUB2 dufferent Dove products (full size) (Dec 31/09)
6x $1.50 WUB any dove cream oil body wash.(Dec 31/09)
5x $4.00 Loreal Paris. Dream Blonde complete color & care system or couleur Experte express.
9x $2.00 any schick Quattro Titanium Razor or Refill (4 or 8's) (Jan 31/09)
10x $1.00 on any Hawaiian tropics suncare 180ml or larger. (Dec 31/09)
10x $4.00 on any fusion, Embrace or Breeze razors (Oct 31/09)
7x $1.00 on any Gillette Series or Sating Care Shaving gel. (Oct 31/09)
12x $2WUB@ dove hair products. (Dec 31/09)
10x $1 on any Noxzema product. (Sept 30/09)

5x $3.00 Ensure (various dates)
1x $1.00 Sharwood's, any product. (June 30/10)
1x .50 Rosenborg Blue cheese (Dec 31/09)
1x $1.00 Any Hidden Valley Ranch ( Dec 31/09)
1x $1.00 Any Tabascao Brand Sauce (Dec 31/09)
2x $1.00 on any Kozy Shack Ready Grains (Oct.31/09)
10x $1.00 on bottled water when you buy 2 crystal light products. (March 30/10)
3 x .50 YoPro 4X 88ml bars or 500ml products (March 31/10)
4x $1.00 off Vitalite yogourt (Dec 31/09)
4x Simply egg whites 500g (Dec 31/10)
4x One 12 pack of lipton Ice Tea
8x $1.00 Multigrain Krispies 385g (Dec 31/09)
8x $1.00 on Special K Satisfaction (410g) or Special K 5 Grains (535g)
8x $1.00 on any All Bran (276g-775g) (Dec 31/09)
8x .50 all bran snacks (140g-180g) (Dec 31/09)
7x $1.00 Bistro Express entree (Feb 28/10)
7x .30 WUB 2 Kraft dinner cups. (Dec 31/09)
6x .50 on any Knorr Sides Plus Veggies (July 1/10)
5x $1.00 WUB2 Frenche's mustards (Dec 31/09)
5x .50 any refrigerated Jell-0 snacks. (Dec 31/09)
8x .50 any 1L Cool Whip Whipped Topping (Dec 31/09) **RCSS only.**
9x $1.00 Crisco Canola or Veg oil. (April 30/10)
6x $1WUB2 Catelli Healthy harvest pasta (Oct 31/09)
3x $1WUB2 Clover leaf Albacore Tuna (June 30/10)
3x $1WUB3 Carnation Evaporated Milk (Apr 30/10)
9x $3WUB3 participating Kraft products (Oct 31/09)
9x $2WUB3 participating Kraft products (Oct 31/09)
9x $3WUB3 participating Kraft products (Oct 31/09)
4x .75 Campbells Easy cooking Sauce (July 31/10)
6x $1.00 Knorr ready to Serve soups. June 30/10)
3x .50 Dempsters smart tortillas (Nov. 27/09)
3x .50 Dempsters smart English muffins (Nov 27/09)
3x .50 Dempsters smart Hamburger buns (Nov 27/09)
3x .50 Dempsters smart bread (Nov 27/09)
4x .50 Strawberry & yogourt Bear Paws (Dec 31/09)
12x $1WUB2 Kellogg's convenience food. (May 31/10)
10x $1 Astro Bio Best Maximmunite Probiotic Drink. (Dec 31/09)
10x $1 Astro Bio Best Smoothie. (Dec 31/09)
2x $2 Eggo 560g waffles (Dec 31/09)
4x .75 Mazola Simplicity (Dec 31/09)
4x .75 Mazola Canola oil (Dec 31/09)
12x $1 Babybell packs of 6 (Dec 31/09)
2x .75 Nature's best product (Dec 31/09)
2x .50 3x130g Yoplair Source Muesli (Jan 31/10)
2x .50 8x100g Yoplait source Superfurit (Mar 31/10)
2x .50 650g Yoplait container. (Jan 31/10)
8x .50 Source (varity of different coupons)
3x $2 on LiveActive Cheese (Dec 31/09)
2x $1 Nelson Truetaste 4L or 2L milk (Dec 31/10)
2x .50 Nestle Pure Life splash (Dec 31/09)
10x $2WUB2 Kellogg's cereal. (Mar 31/10)
14x .50 any Cavendish Farms 900g oven crisp, flavour crisp or from the farm fries.
15x .75 Squish'em (4x 90g) (June 30/10)
9x .75 New Campbell's Easy Cooking sauce (July 31/10)
12x Buy 3 Get 1 free on any chunky soup,bowl or chilli. (July 31/10)
4x $1WUB2 Knorr products (Sept 1/10)
5x $1 Natrel Organic Filtered Milk (Dec 31/09)
8x Buy 3 pringles get 1 pringles stix free (Jan 31/10)
10x $1 WUB 2 bakers semi sweet chocolate (Dec 31/10)
6x $2 WUB 1 folgers and 1 smuckers. (April 30/10)
6x $1 Bento Nouveau Sushi tray. (Dec 31/10)
10x .50 So good 1.89L soy beverage. (Oct 31/09)
3x .75 Tropicana Tropics (Nov. 16/09)
3x $2 10kg bag of Robin Hood Flour (Dec 31/09)
8x $1 Egg creations (Dec 31/10)
8x .50 Suckers Jam (April 30/10)
8x $1 Old mill oats product. (April 1/10)
8x .50 Smuckers Squeeze fruit spread (April 30/10)
8x $1 Europes Best (April 30/10)
8x .75 Spreadables butter (March 31/10)
8x .60 Nordica cottage cheese (March 31/10)
4x .75 Splenda product (Dec 31/10)
4x $1 Simply egg ahites (500g) (Dec 31/10)
4x .75 any Fleischmann's Corn Starch. (Dec 31/10)
4x $1 Robin Hood flour (2kg,2.5kg,5kg) (April 31/10)

The following are valid only at Sobey's IGA and Foodland:
1x .50 cheerios (400g-575g) (Dec 31/09)
1x $1.00 Dempster's Healthy Way (Dec 31/09)
1x .75 Astro Zero (excludes 175g cup) (Dec 31/09)
1x .35 Naturegg Omega Pro eggs (Dec 31/09)
1x .60 Naturegg Omega Pro liquid eggs (Dec 31/09)
8x $1.00 on any Mini-wheats (475g-555g) (Dec 31/09)
8x $1.00 on two scoops rasin bran(475g-675g) Muslix (450g) Just right (475g) or Vector (400g) (Dec 31/09)

19x $10.00 WUB any Heinz Nature Infant formula. (1020g,730g or one 12x case) (Dec 31/09)
1x $5.00 Similac Advance (printed coupon) (Oct 09)

1x $5.00 Maybelline New York Pulse Perfection (Oct 31/09)

1x 4 free tans @ Tan Factory (new customers only) (Oct 31/09)
1x free one year Membership when you book your vacation with the last minute club. (Mar 31/10)
1x Stay 2 nights and receive $40 off you stay at participation Marriott Hotels in Canada (Mar 31/10)
1x 10% off Great Wolf Lodge (family suites only) (Mar 31/10)
1x $25.00 Fisher-Price Power Wheels (Mar 31/10)
3x $1 WUB2 packs of jucy fruit, extra. (Dec 31/09)

Pet food
4x $5.00 5lb or larger Eukanuba dry dog food (Sep and Nov exp)
2x $3.00 on 1 package, any size of Busy Bone. (Nov. 16/09)
2x B1G1 free Beneful prepared meals. (Nov. 16/09)
2x $2.00 on one Healthgul Life from Purina, Cat Chow. (Nov.16/09)
2x B2G1 85g cans of fancy Feast Elegant Medley's any variety. (Nov. 16/09)
2x $3.00 on Beneful Dry Dog Food. (Nov. 16/09)
*varity Science Diet cat food coupons*

Men's Products
10X .50 off any men Degree (Dec 31/09)
8x $1.00 on Any Head & Shoulders or Gillette Hair care product. (Oct 31/09)

Home Fragrance & Candles
19x MIR Glade Fragrance Collection
10x Buy 1 glade scented oil candle holder and receive a free glade scented oil candle refil.

Febreze home collection
4x $8.00 on any one febreze flameless luminaire starter kit. (March 31/10)
7x $3.00 on any one febreze scented reed diffuser or febreze soy blend candle. (March 31/10)
7x $3.00 on any one Febreze Noticeables starter kit. (Aug 31/10)

Air Wick
10x $1 any air wick odour stop air freshner with baking soda. (Mar 31/10)
10x $1 air wick scented oil motion starter kit with one warmer and one refil. (Mar 31/10)
Wish List:
Any gift cards: Shoppers, Walmart, Zellers, Gas Cards, Gerocery stores, Cinaplex, Blockbuster, Best Buy, SDM points.

Campbell's Soups (not WUB3)
Wonderbread (1.50)
Yougart ($1 Astro)
kraft dinner
Pop tarts (not Kellogg's WUB2)
Pizza pops
Bacon (schneiders)
Toilet paper
Fibre 1 bars
Old Spice body wash
Garbage bags (Glad)
Peanut butter (kraft)
Cat Food (Pro Plan $5 or $10.00)
$2 Europe's best veggies
Cake/brownie mixes
Cheese (bricks or slices) ie Black Diamond (no
$1 Dove or .50 mars
$2 Delissio pizza
Alcan foil
Printer ink (for HP)
$1 nesquick
Renee's ceasar dressing
Pop coupons- pepsi and crush
Free movie passes
Vachon cakes
Sense and spray refill FPC
$1 Pilsbury
$1 Kraft Salad dressing
Becel Margarine
Sour cream


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