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  1. RE: Glade candles-- It's Monday and Smartsource came out at the end of last week- but don't lose hope! Go to your nearest variety store and ask the person working there if they still have copies of your local newspaper from Friday or Saturday and if you can have the coupon inserts from them. Most newspaper vendors clip the tops off the paper's front page & send that back to the publisher, but toss the rest of the paper in the trash so they usually don't care a hoot if someone wants the insert after the fact. Try it! That's what I usually do when I've forgotten to get the insert on the day it comes out.

    Oh and P.S.- every area is different. In Ontario, the inserts generally come out on Saturday but I think they come earlier out know before you go in which paper will have it and from what day it's in. Saves you rooting around in a week's worth of 10 different papers.
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