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  1. thanks for the rep and nice comment -I love to post my shops -wish more did cause it can tell you about an awesome deal or one you may have forgotten -have a great weekend
  2. thanks for the holiday rep
  3. Thanks for the rep
  4. thank for the rep
  5. thanks for the weekend rep
  6. happy long weekend -hope you had a great one -thanks for the rep
  7. thanks for the rep -have a super day
  8. thanks for the rep-have a great week
  9. thanks for the rep hon -have a great weekend
  10. thanks for enjoying my brags -I try to be fair never clear shelves-and I don't over do couponing as I have done it for 20 some odd years-don't want it to end-thanks again have a great day
  11. thanks for the rep yep so glad huibby got a few cheap new clothing
  12. thanks for the rep -your always reading my posts thanks
  13. thanks for the rep and all the nice comments you always post about my brags-have a great weekend
  14. thanks for all the reps you give me -have a great day
  15. thank you for the rep about my walmart brag
  16. thanks for the rep
  17. thank you for the nice comment about my zellers brag
  18. thanks for the nice rep and merry xmas too you too
  19. Have a happy Valentine's day!
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