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  1. Awwww! I thought you were in Toronto, lol Hope you enjoyed your visit/holiday! If I ever get to the BIG city I'll have to check out SDM there, lol
  2. No, I'm from Toronto. I was in Tilbury for Christmas dinner with my husband's family. My sister in law lives there.

    And yeah the SDM there has a very small townish feel, love going there.
  3. Oh cool! Didn't know you were that close in this area, lol Check it out soon if you can...1st time I've been to Tilbury SDM, very nice store!
    Happy shopping in 2010! Happy New Year!
  4. Would you believe that I was in Tilbury YESTERDAY and completely forgot to go to the SDM there?

    I did remember to check foodland for coupons though. I need to have my head examined! Good job on finding the Old Spice.

  5. No problem! I didn't want any kind of misunderstanding out there.
  6. Hi there! Thanks for your comment (re glade, lol)...tried to rep ya but all out!
    Beautiful tree!
    Have a Merry Christmas & Happy NewYear!
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