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  1. Thanks for the rep!! HAHA SDM Goddess!! I learnt from the best on here from SCERS!! Can't wait for the Mega bonus weekend!! Whooohoooo!!
    Enjoy your day!!
  2. Thanks! Yes, my SDM gals are the best!! Hope you have good luck at SDM too!!
  3. That's so great! Yay for nice cashiers that want to reward loyal customers.

    And I'm happy to hear you got the bonus points on one receipt. I want to see if any of the downtown stores are doing 20X tomorrow and combine it then.
  4. Hi!! I got 5x Irish Spring (4 BW & 1 Deod) today at SDM 2.99-2cpn = 99cents & got a total of 900 product bonus points on them (10X) & all in 1 transaction.
    I had a great cashier....we have become friends...she gave me the $10 voucher when i bought a $50 SDM GC & my bill was $54-coupons= $39 oop & she gave me another $10 voucher too!!! I told her thats not right but she said it was ok as i shopped there all the time!!! yay!!!
  5. Hey Carly, just wondering if you got 10X on all the bodywash on one receipt. Or if you only get the 10X if you do separate receipts for each one?
  6. Thanks!!! Yes, I was thinking the flavoured egg creations wouldn't work for baking!! yuk!! haha
    Will stick with the Original ones!
  7. If you're going to try it ensure you get the "original" ones. Not like the "Tex Mex" flavour or anything like that or else you're going to get some funky tasting baked goods.

    I used the original ones for Christmas cookies this year and it was fine.
  8. Hi!! Thanks for the tip! on the egg creations!! (9eggs=1 carton)!! Whoot!! I will give it a try for baking!!

    Happy New Year to you too!! boy time flys!! haha
  9. Hi! I'm not going to Tilbury, lol But mom's friend that lives there said they are sold out of the Wii so I found one for her at SDM on Queen st here!! lol & they holding it for her as long as she gets there when they open at 9am

    They are holding the TV/DVD for me too! But I need to decide if I want it as DS is going to let me know if he wants some PS3 games & accessories!! So one or the other!! haha

    Have a great night!

    BTW...I got 2 out of 3 of the SBS codes!!
  10. Hi!!! I saw the GW on sale here at SDM for $1.99 each so will add to my list for this week!! More bonus points!!! YAY!! haha
  11. Thanks for the rep!!! If you want to trade some of your Hallmark stuff let me know!
    Have a great weekend!
  12. LOL, the pizza coupon expires on Tues, Oct 26! Wish it was later...would be great to fill up the freezer if I win, lol
    Enjoy your pizzas!
  13. Hahaha! When does that coupon expire? Hopefully AFTER the draw. GOODLUCK!

    And thanks again for the information!
  14. Go get em girl! lol Wish I had more room in the freezer i could fill er up with pizza! haha

    LOL, this is funny! I heard on the radio here yesterday that Leon`s furniture store is having a promo for Breast Cancer month...bring in a `gently used`BRA & enter to win a small chest freezer! haha
    I entered tonight! hehe Hope I win! the draw is the end of the month...not long!
  15. OMG!!! Thanks! Gonna go to mine!


    Thanks again! Yay!
  16. Hi! Got back from WM & the Delisso Flatbread pizzas (mushroom & red pepper kind) are on for $4.97-$5 cpn=free! I got 6 & had no trouble! Also got 3x Schick Hyrdo 5 single razors $3-2cpn! yay!
  17. Hey! Ok I will let you know how I make out at WM with the pizza $5 coupon! Wish me luck!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving!
  20. Thanks for the rep! & pic of the Finish MIR...never got that one..but don't have a dishwasher, lol
    I have $1 Finish dishwasher cleaner coupies if you need some!
  21. Cold, windy & rainy here! I didn't get my flyers...guess the guy didn't want to brave the elements! I don't blame him, lol
    Happy shopping!

    Happy Mother's Day too!

  22. Thanks for the rep. Hope you're having a great weekend, they are calling for rain here but the sun keeps trying. I need to go to Zellers so I hope the sun wins.

  23. I think I created a monster, haha My SIL loves the trains/trades! I told her she had to get her feet wet sooner or later! Now she is hooked!

    Have a great Mother's Day!

  24. Hey Carly, so what's the verdict, did she hate the train? LOL
  25. When I saw your newbie train, I knew it would be great! & SIL is just starting out with trades/trains so thought it would be good to get her feet wet! LOL
    Good things will come to good people!
    Have a great week!
  26. Hey! Thanks for the rep! It's going to be a good train, she won't regret it. I'm already losing money on the postage because I've added a million coupons to everyone's bundle.

    Haha! - It's my good deed of the month. I should be good for karma for a while.

  27. Happy Valentines! (copied from Patty, lol) I don`t know how to find these things, haha

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