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  1. PM me your address please!!
  2. Thank you!! :D
  3. I would love one! Could you send me the link to your train?
  4. I've got another train started, do you still want a seat??
  5. That is strange.. =\

    I would love a seat on your train when you start one, I would like to try again Thanks!!!
  6. It is weird...I've traded with her before and never any problems...always a great trader!

    I'm planning on starting another train soon, I'll let you know if you want a seat! Don't get discouraged! There are so many great people out here, and it really is fun!
  7. Yeah, I know right? I'm kind of bummed out about it because it was the first train I was going to participate in, now I just feel kind of scammed... and hesitant to join more. No activity on her account since Dec. 17th. Hope she's ok... but it might have been a throwaway account, hard to say...
  8. Hey lady, I'm on deebusch's VWL train with you....crazy eh? I wonder what happened!?!
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