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    Happy St. Patrick's Day!
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    Hey, yep just looking over everyones wishlists and my coupons lol.
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    Thank you!! :D
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    I would love one! Could you send me the link to your train?
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    That is strange.. =\

    I would love a seat on your train when you start one, I would like to try again Thanks!!!
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    Yeah, I know right? I'm kind of bummed out about it because it was the first train I was going to participate in, now I just feel kind of scammed... and hesitant to join more. No activity on her account since Dec. 17th. Hope she's ok... but it might have been a throwaway account, hard to say...
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    awww thanks! saw u driving off this morning! Lucas is back at home with his crazy neck injury--extreme way to get out of baseball and soccer! hahahaha

    Well, I don't need glade--was buying the candles just cuz they were free and it beats buying candles for camping and emergencies, etc. But really don't like the chemicals. But I had a whole bunch of the FPC glades and B1G1 free that I was going to use at RCSS to get the $5 gift cards. Now: obviously not. wahhhh. Just as well I guess.

    But is there anything you're looking for that I could trade u for?

    Homeoutfitters linen sale is on until today.
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    arggggh! so not only did i lose (god knows how!) the little bundle of "snack coupons" (with the exception of 1) that lizzy sent ahead of the train, i've now gone and lost a huge stack of coupons I was going to stack at LD! Arggggh -- mostly ocean spray juice, dove soap and shampoo, glade candles and flinstone vitamins. What an IDIOT!! Good thing I actually don't NEED any of it--will just build up a new supply over the year, but maaaan, I am choked!! I was going to use the soap and shampoo ones to fill the backpacks I'm putting together. I do have some for the backpacks but wanted to get LOTS more.

    And then I also went and missed the sale that I think Zellers was having where they advertised towels for $4.99? Those were going to go in the backpacks as well. Now I have to wait for another sale. Let me know if you see one for exceedingly cheap towels, backpacks, toques, etc.
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    What a gorgeous Pointer!!
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    Hi supermum!
    Thanks for offering to help me with coupon stacking.
    I do have a london's drugs near me. I'm close to Sherwood Park.
    thanks again!
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    Hee was your phone dying? All of a sudden you just became a garble!
  13. Yeah! Thanks!
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    Heads up, this train has had a great bunch of gals on it, and the train is heading your way now!!!
  15. Sounds fantastic! Let me know if there is anything you are in need of and I'll try to pass some along!
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    ya shaman did the video. Okay the train is on it's way to patina then yep your the last stop. Tjeni mailed it off yesterday, wow does she have a ways to go to a P.O. that has a scale. Anyways probably get it by late next week, and I guess it's really heavy, like $3 to send so get what you want and need out of it.
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    okay on the left if you hit user cp and hit subscribed threads it will bring up the threads you have posted on. But if your like me, not a great idea. I have 69 pages of threads to look at, eekks!
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    I know there is an easier way of keeping track of threads you posted in, gotta figure it out again and will let ya know.
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    I still have all that to do, but saying, heck with it, all get it done in the morning. Finding your way around here okay?
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    I know what ya mean about busy, gosh all I seem to do is rush anymore, unless everyone is asleep and I stay up to find out what's new on here.
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    dropping in and saying hello
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    Hi ya, I have 2 train out right now, and a third one on the go, but the next train I get started, you are welcome to board. And thank you for the friendship request, have a great weekend, Moe.
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    And yes! I also have aeroplan miles going too! You also?
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    Hi! I'll start another couple of trains in a few days (I have a virtual train that I'm late on that HAS to get going, then I'll be free to start 2 more!! I will give you a seat on both
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    Ya, just wanted to say hello, see your finding your way around, that's great. If you need anything, give me a shout, and welcome to SC.
  26. yeah is right!! too much fun...
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    You found it!! Yay!!
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About supermum

Basic Information

About supermum
Trade List:
I didn`t include expiry dates, so feel free to enquire on details!

Head & Shoulders $2; $.75; $1
Herbal Essences $.50; B1G1
Pantene reg/prov/ $1; B2$2.50; B2$2
Pantene Expressions/Restoratives $2
Pantene Styling $1
Nice n Easy $1.50
Natural Instincts $1.50
Alberto Styling Products $1
Dove Hair $1.50

Always Pad liner $.75
Always Infinity $1.50; $1
Kotex pantiliners B2$1.50; B1GCottonelle wipes free
Kotex pads B2$2.50
Tampax Pearl or Compak Pearl B2$2.50; $1

Bic Comfort3 $1
Schick Intuition Plus razor $2
Schick Intuition plus or Quattro for women $2
Schick Quattro Titanium $2
Bic Soleil starter kit $2
Bic Soleil 4 pack disposable $1
Skintimate $1
Gillette Fusion Manual or power $4
Gillette products B3$5; B1$1
Venus spa breeze or tropical disposable $1.50; $4
Venus Embrace $2; $4
Gillette Satincare $1
Gillette Hydragel/soothe $1; $2

Febreeze Air Effects $1
“ Fabric Refresher $1
“ Noticeables starter kit $3
“ candle $2
“ Luminaires Starter kit $5
“ Scented Reed Diffuser $2
“ Soy blend candle $2
Glade fresh Effects Holder $5
Airwick Scented Oil Motion starter kit or candle $.50

Puffs plus lotion $.50
Puffs ultra soft strong $.50
Majesta $1
Bounty $.50
Charmin $.50
Scott naturals $.75
“ long lasting B2$1
“ mega roll $1
Cascade $1; $1.50
Kleenex $1 on 2 or 1 bundle
Royale paper towels $.70
“ napkins $1
“ multiple pack facial tissues $1

Similac Formula $10; $5
PullUps $3
Huggies box $2.50
“ overnight diapers $3
“ Pure & natural $3
“ any $2
Pampers Kandoo $.75
Pampers $10 off grocery bill Buy Club sized Diapers

Ultra Downey $.50; $1
Bounce sheets $.50
Arm & Hammer Essentials Laundry $1
“ Plus Oxiclean Laundry $1
Gain fabric softener $1
Gain laundry detergent $1
Tide Stain Release $1
Borax $3
Dial Eco-smart refills B2 $3
Tide 2 go Pens $.50
Bounce Dryer Bar $1
Oxiclean MaxForce $1
Oxiclean Stain Remover $1
Tide $.50
Sunlight Green Clean $1.50

OralB Cross Action twin pack $2; $1.50
Crest Whitestrips $5
Crest Advanced Seal $5; $10
Crest Pro Health Rinse $1; $2
Crest Plus Scope Toothpaste $1
Crest any $.50
Crest Pro Health $.75; $1; $1.50
Arm & Hammer toothpaste $.75
Oral B Vitality toothbrush $5

Spot Shot product $1.20
2000 Flushes $.80
Scrub free bathroom$1
Scrub Free Soap Scum or Bleach cleaner $1
Scrub free naturally clean $1
Lysol products B2$2
Lysol all purpose cleaner B2$2
Mr Clean spray or liquid $.50
Scrubbing Bubbles Trigger, Bathroom, Mega shower foamer B1G1
Scrubbing Bubbles toilet products B1G1
Scrubbing Bubbles shower, toilet, bathroom $1
Pledge Multi surface B1G1
Mr Clean Magic eraser $1
Swiffer refills $1; $3
Dawn product $.50
Swiffer Dusters $1
Swiffer Starter kit $2; $5

Dove Antiperspirant $1
Dgree Clinical $1
Aveeno Body Wash $2
Banana Boat $.75
Old Spice $1; B2$3
Neutrogena 14 day skin rescue $10; $2
“ Suncare $2
“ Men products $2
“ grapefruit products $2
Covergirl $1; B2$3
Olay Quench Advanced relief lotion $1
Olay Renegerist B2G1
Olay Classic moisturizer + facial cleanser $1.50
Olay Definity moisturizer + cleanser $5
Olay ProX $6
Cetaphil cleanser $3
“ Acne Principles $5
“ moisturizer $3.50
Dove any B2 $1.50

Jerky Treats or Pup-peroni $1.50
Eukanuba dry cat food $5
“ dog food $5
Iams Healthy Naturals cat or dog food $1.50
Iams dry cat food $1.50
Iams dry dog food $1.50
Iams canned dog food $.50
Iams canned cat food $.50
Beneful Prepared meals B1G1
“ dry dog food $3
“ Snackin’ slices $1
Party Mix cat treats B2 $1
Friskies dry cat food B1G1 party mix
Purina maxx scoop $1
Purina Pro plan $7.50
Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys B1G1
Purina Cat Chow Healthful Life $1; $2

Finish/Electrasol Quantum Powerball tabs or Gelpacs $3.50
Finish Jet dry $1
Cascade ActionPacs $1.50
Cascade any product $.50

Bassili’s Best B2$1
No Yolks product $1
Catelli Healthy Harvest B2$1
Wacky Mac product $.75
Sauto Italian cheese $.75
Newmans Own Pasta Sauce, salsa, dressing $1
Kraft 100% Parmesan $1
Kraft LiveActive Cheddar Cheese $2

Splenda $1
Glad Sandwich bags B2 $3
Imperial Margarine Product $.75
Lactaid fast act $2
Genuine Health purchase $2
Advil $1
Flinestones multivitasmin $2
Duracell batteries $.60

Tetley Infusions $1
Perrier B3G1
Canada Dry Ginger Ale B2G1

Melitta Coffee $1
Minute Maid OJ $.50
Red Rose tea $1
Ensure $3
V8 $.50
Dole 1L Juice Blends $.75

Canadian Club BBQ Sauces $.75
Stouffers Lean Cuisine Spa entree B2 $1
Knorr Ready Soups $1
Knorr Frozen Entree $1
Knorr Sides + Veggies $1
Knorr Sidekicks $.25
Knorr products B2 $1
Knorr Classic or Pasta Sauce B2 $.50
Uncle Bens Bistro Express $1
Kraft Dinner Crackers $.50
Cavendish potato wedges $.50
Campbells Easy cooking sauce $.75
Campbells Chunky Soup, bowl, chilli B3G1
Cambells Creations Soup B1G1
Campbells V8 Soups $.50
Bush Baked Beans $1
Dole Squish ems $.75
Bicks Pickles $.50
Bicks Relish $.50
Bicks Mini Crunchems $1
Bicks Peppers $.75
Quaker Rice Cakes $.75
Nature Valley Granola Bars B2 $1
Aunt Jemima breakfast entrees B2 $1
Pringles B2G1

Brookside Chocolate Covered fruit/nuts $1
Wrigleys 5 gum $.50
Dare cookies $.50
Extra gum multipack $1
Oreo Sippers $.50
Nestle Parlour Ice Cream $.50
Real Fruit Minis $.30
Smuckers Sundae Syrup $.50
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream $1

Post Just Bunches or Honey Bunches of Oats $.75
Post Selects Cereal $.75
Post Shreddies $.75
All Bran $.50
All Bran Strawberry Medley $1
All Bran Strawberry Medley or Buds B2 $.75
All Bran Bars $.50
All Bran Snack bites $.50
Kelloggs MiniWheats B2 $.75; $1
Kelloggs convenience food B2 $1
Kelloggs Multigrain Krispies B2 $.75; $1; $.75
Kelloggs Special K 5 grains or Satisfaction B2 $.75; $1
Kellogg’s 2 Raisin Bran or Muslix Harvest Fruit B2 $.75; $1
Kelloggs Special K or All Bran bars $1
Kelloggs Special K $1.50
Kozy Shack Ready Grains $1
General Mills Cheerios $.50
General Mills Multigrain Cheerios 1
General Mills Oatmeal Crisp $1

Dairyland Classic Vanilla $.75
Danone Dan Active $.50;$1.50
Danone Activia $.50
Astro BioBest Vitalite yogurt $1
Astro Biobest Smoothie $1
So Good Original or fat free $1.50
Yoplait Source w Muesli $.50
Yoplait Source Superfruit $.50
Yoplait Source product $.50
Yoptimal product $.50
Yoplait 650g container $.50
Yoplait Kidz, Minigo, tubes, Yop $.50
Yoplait Basket or tubes $.50
Stonyfield Farm Yogurt $1

Dempsters Smart White bread $.50
Dempsters Smart English muffins, tortillas, bagels, hamburger or hotdog buns $.50
Villaggio bread $.40
POM bagels/Maple Leaf Bacon $1
POM Bagels/Nescafe Rich coffee $1.50
POM Tortillas $.40
French’s Mustard B2, save $1 on any bread product
Wish List:
Diaper and wipes
Gillette razors, Venus or Fusion
Pantene hair products
Dove Hair products
Playtex or OB tampons
Always pads
willing to trade for Canadian Tire $
willing to trade for SDM points
baby formula (free only)
Knorr food products
Tide Tide Tide!
Mr. Clean
Royale or Charmin paper products


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