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  1. awww thanks! saw u driving off this morning! Lucas is back at home with his crazy neck injury--extreme way to get out of baseball and soccer! hahahaha

    Well, I don't need glade--was buying the candles just cuz they were free and it beats buying candles for camping and emergencies, etc. But really don't like the chemicals. But I had a whole bunch of the FPC glades and B1G1 free that I was going to use at RCSS to get the $5 gift cards. Now: obviously not. wahhhh. Just as well I guess.

    But is there anything you're looking for that I could trade u for?

    Homeoutfitters linen sale is on until today.
  2. I'll keep my eyes out for towels etc, I'm heading to do some price checking at the big department stores over the next few days for some linens.

    I hate that when you lose coupons...especially when you spend so much time organizing them for LD! Its happened to me once so far. I've got a ton of Glade if you want some help, and a few ocean spray and dove. I think I got rid of all my flinestones vitamins.
  3. arggggh! so not only did i lose (god knows how!) the little bundle of "snack coupons" (with the exception of 1) that lizzy sent ahead of the train, i've now gone and lost a huge stack of coupons I was going to stack at LD! Arggggh -- mostly ocean spray juice, dove soap and shampoo, glade candles and flinstone vitamins. What an IDIOT!! Good thing I actually don't NEED any of it--will just build up a new supply over the year, but maaaan, I am choked!! I was going to use the soap and shampoo ones to fill the backpacks I'm putting together. I do have some for the backpacks but wanted to get LOTS more.

    And then I also went and missed the sale that I think Zellers was having where they advertised towels for $4.99? Those were going to go in the backpacks as well. Now I have to wait for another sale. Let me know if you see one for exceedingly cheap towels, backpacks, toques, etc.
  4. yes! dead....qas still talkig...then nothing! too funny
  5. Hee was your phone dying? All of a sudden you just became a garble!
  6. no, I have pin# from boxes of granola for some free ones that I saved from work. Maybe we could work a trade....we'll chat on Wed, I'll bring them along.
  7. And yes! I also have aeroplan miles going too! You also?
  8. Hi! I'll start another couple of trains in a few days (I have a virtual train that I'm late on that HAS to get going, then I'll be free to start 2 more!! I will give you a seat on both
  9. Oh, do you collect aeroplan points?
  10. Hey lady! said you have a train or two going?? I'm starting to build up my stash, so I want to get started!
  11. You found it!! Yay!!
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