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  1. Thanks,you too my friend!
  2. My own Dr.wasn't there today-Sigh!
    So I had someone else that ordered an xray but didn't want to deal with the results.
    I'm thankful I got some meds.

  3. Thanks for your encouragement yesterday. How's your foot today? I hope you are feeling better!
  4. Cute Pic.
    How are you?
  5. Hope your day is a good one!
  6. THanks Skippy - I'd love to be your friend!!!!
  7. OK,No problemo!
  8. Hey - Don't apologize, I knew what you meant, and was just goofing around...
  9. I thought I called the post bizarre! If it was you, then I apologise.
  10. You aren't the first person to call me bizarre...I'm OK with it, though.
    Thanks for the rep
  11. There was no party, all a malicious lie! However head over to RoseofBlack she has one I believe!
  12. Once again, I find out about the party 2 days later... That's what I get for not being nosy enough... next time, If you give me a head's up, I'll bring food too!
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