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  1. You're more than welcome, Terry! You're going to be quite amazed at how fresh everything stays in those bags...wash, re-use...Just keep passing that hint along to your friends so they don't waste money on "green bags", LOL!!
    Have a lovely, sunny Sunday, Hon!
  2. Lynn I am flabbergasted by this! Do you know how many of these precious cereal bags have gone in the trash...never again my friend. I was completely blown away by your post! I thank you again...tried to rep you on it but was told I had to share the love. Enjoy your weekend!!
  3. Lol on the 3years worth if deoderant! lol! I have neither the time nor the inclination to chase "deals" and store them....!
    Have yourself a lovely, relaxing weekend, Hon!
  4. Thanks Lynn! I can really get sucked in to the "deals" when I really need nothing. I have enough of much to last 2.3.4 months. I really don't need 5 years worth of deodorant. If stuff is free ok...but I really need to put things in perspective. Congrats on driving and hope all is well with your hubby.
  5. Terry, thank you. As an SCer...I don't use many coupons, as I find they're always for items I don't or won't use, and like money's in the bank where it belongs. I'm not even tempted by free stuff...I'd much rather buy what we need when we need it and not store it sound like you have a pretty darn good head on your shoulders!!
    Have a lovely weekend, Hon!
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