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  1. You have been adopted teverett, by one of my absolute best buds here on SC. She will look after ya big time, and get a hold of you later this evening or in the morning. Have fun, Moe.
  2. I know a great gal in NS who has already adopted once, but will see if she is able to adopt again, she's is absolutely one of the best on here. Ok, will ask her and post a couple more times, even if you don't hit the full 20, it seems like you plan on sticking around, Moe.
  3. Thanks I didn't clue into that when I read the fourm. I'm in NS.
  4. Hi teverett, we will get you adopted out. The only thing is you must hit atleast 20 posts before we can. We found that many folks got adopted out, and never returned, so we find if someone posts atleast 20 times, they seem to stick around for a bit. What area are you from in Canada, so I can start searching for a great sc;er to adopt ya?
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