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  1. Thanks for the rep this morning!
  2. Oh that's wonderful !!! Regardless if you enjoy your job or not, watching the Jays will make it so much more fun.
    Have a fantastic time.
  3. Thanks for the rep hicks!! Going to see a few Jays games in Anaheim at the end of the month, will be there for business so taking advantage!!
  4. Thanks for the rep hicks! glad your home and feeling better.
  5. Thank you. All's good with me, and about 95% better.
  6. Thanks for the rep, hope your life is going well and your feeling better!
  7. Just horrible.
    If I didn't love Canada so much, I'd be living much further south. Oh well, at least the days are getting a little longer.
  8. I understand, it has been so cold here for so long it is depressing, another week of -20's and it is supposed to warm up.
  9. Finally dozed off somewhere just after 4:30. I think it's going to be a long day.
  10. Thanks for the late night rep....i hate it when I can't sleep!!
  11. You're lucky. I hear it was a miserable drive.
  12. Thanks for the rep!! I just got home from Ottawa, just missed the snow and cold!!
  13. Hello Hicks!!thanks for the rep today!!
  14. thanks for the rep hicks!! hope you have a wonderful day!!
  15. Thanks for the rep Hicks!!
  16. Thanks for the rep!!! Those Jays better get on the bats tomorrow!!!
  17. Well enjoy your quiet time, i see you are busy with volunteering, that can be crazy busy. Sometimes I crave alone time but I suppose in a few years I will be missing the hectic days at our house!!
  18. Except for the snow, sounds like you're going to have a great w/end, enjoy. Me, I'm alone, except for my pup, but I'm still thankful for a great number of things. One is, we don't have snow.
  19. Thanks for the rep hicks!! It is snowing and cold here in the west, but having lots of friends and family for Thanksgiving so it should be a great weekend! hope you have a wonderful weekend too!!
  20. 6 - cold !! Just like the Jays lately.
  21. Thanks for the rep!! Cold and rainy here and highs of 6 degrees this week!!!
    Oh those Blue Jays are grinding my gears!!
  22. Thanks for the reps today!! Go Jays
  23. Yes it is beautiful here too!! Trying to spend as much time outside as possible!!Have a great day. those Jays better pick up their socks tonight and play ball like they can!!
  24. Thanks for the rep!! those damn Jays just can't seem to keep the streak going, man they have had an up and down year.
  25. I did have a great day!!Thanks, just sitting down to watch the Jays, have it PVR'd, hope it's a good one!!
  26. it was VERY hot here; with humidex, it hit 47. I was going to cut my lawn, but no way.
  27. Thanks for the rep!!! It isn't hot here, beautiful sunny day but it was only 2 degrees this morning!! Rain tomorrow, have the Jays game PVR'd and will watch it after I cut the grass!!!
  28. We are on a small lake in Alberta (Sylvan Lake), nothing like the beautiful lakes in Ontario!! I was raised near Sarnia on the St Clair river and have always missed the waterways in Ontario, but I have been here for 40 years!!It must have been hard letting your cottage go, even with the two of us it is a lot of work!!
  29. I know that feeling. It was a nice w/end, weather wise, to close up, but hate to see the summer winding down. Where is your cottage? Ours was just north of Halliburton, and we always closed up after the long Thanksgiving w/end. I miss it so much, but had to let it go after my DH passed.
    I hope you have a good week.
  30. Thanks for the rep!!Had a nice but sad weekend, we closed down the cottage for the season, nights are dipping down to 3 degrees so it was time to take the dock and the boat out of the water.
    Sure wish the Jays were playing better!!
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