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  1. thanks and all the best for 2017 as well
  2. Hi Coupon Girl. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year and nothing but the best for 2017.........................
  3. thanks for the rep-yep I loved doing my 2 redemptions at shoppers -could have done 3 but saved some points -lol
  4. have a good evening thanks for the rep
  5. thanks for the rep -have a great weekend
  6. thanks for the rep -don't think I will be shopping thou -am on meds was so sick this past week -only shopped at rexall as I was waiting for my prescription -I may pop into shoppers on sunday need eggs -we will see
  7. thanks for the rep -I hop to have a great day but alas maybe not -I have fluid in my ear -driving me insane
  8. thanks for the rep -just wish more people would brag -it helps us all -thanks again have a great day
  9. thanks for the rep -happy Halloween weekend
  10. hi thanks for the rep and morning wishes -I babysat today a little tired from watching a 2 year old granddaughter
  11. thanks ticul for the nice wish and rep -hope you had a great day
  12. thanks for the rep and hope you have a wonderfull end of the weekend
  13. thanks for the rep -morning surviving this heat wave we are having
  14. hi thanks for the rep -did you ask for the picture of my purse -I don't really do pictures (not computer savy)but the lining is nice well made -I know it will last me many years in the summer -I said it was beigh actually its bone colour -I feel not bad for the 37 I paid -Half price after the 10.00 cpn and 40% off
  15. thaks again for the reps -have a great week
  16. thanks for the reps ,hope you have a great week
  17. thanks for the rep -have a great day -I just watched my granddaughter for a bit at our house -fun pulling her up and down the street in wagon
  18. hi thanks for the rep and have a great week
  19. hi happy happy easter to you and your family -thanks
  20. Hi Coupon Girl! How are you? I wish you a very nice long weekend and Happy Easter with you and your family......................
  21. happy valentines evening -have a super great one
  22. Hi Coupon Girl! I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day with lots of love............................
  23. thanks for the rep -yep its nice being in the right place at the right time-free cereal
  24. thanks for the rep -feeling sick today
  25. have a great weekend-thanks for the rep
  26. thanks for the rep -hope you have a wonderfull weekend -we are going to a funeral sat morning then in afternoon to Toronto to daughter/hubby for supper with his parents
  27. thanks for the rep-woke up with a sore throat -just had homemade chicken soup-but my stomach feels a little sore -thanks for asking
  28. hi thanks for the rep -still have a cold/cough hanging on -tired from watching my one year old granddaughter the last 2 days -but I am sure I will have some shopping brag coming up soon
  29. hi nice to know you had a neighbour like mine-thanks for the rep-the sad thing is I like his wife somewhat( we have things in common but she is still a bit noisy) -hubby tells me you know how to pick them -lol
  30. thanks for the rep -I am taking it slow and easy-didn't do a lot of housework just read sat out side and went to shoppers for a bit of things -love the popsicles I got
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