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  1. They were mentioned before so I know they would definitely use those.
  2. Perfect, this is definitely going to help my friends in Barbados. You know how things are more expensive and there are really no savings there!
  3. 37A, hmm. That may be doable but has to be after Thanksgiving if that works.
  4. No problem but just in case.. How do I get there by TTC?? I assume that's 191 bus??
  5. Wow, that's pretty far from me. I'm located in Bloor West Village.
  6. Yes, I'm in Toronto but I'd say give it a bit time. Maybe she's busy with Thanksgiving. But I hope you have a good Thanksgiving weekend so far, even though it may be a start. I wonder where in Toronto you live.
  7. Hi, in case she doesn't want it, you could give that to me if you like so I can 'donate' those to the baby in Barbados whose mother died 2 days after her birth. But better ask the girl first, she may want.
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