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  1. everything is all good now had a lil mix up being uninformed was the main issue so how have you been whats new? how was your trip?
  2. ne oldu canim?? insallah hersey duzeldi I am back in toronto (on vacation) and going back to TR....LONG STORY! it seems like we are doing the vacation thing backwards these
    how is house hunting going?
  3. not bad basima gelmeyen kalmadi daha dogrusu
    how are things with you are you back from Tr?
  4. Hello there beautiful!! How are you?
  5. sevimmmmmmmcimmmm, nasilsin canim?? insallah you are feeling better day by day....slowly......I always come online to see if you're there and I never catch you :-( please let me know how you are doing and what times youre usually online.....the time difference is tougher being in TR. cokkkk optum ve kendinizi cok iyi bakin Allaha emanet olun
  6. i pray everyday that is passes sooner in one week i lost 4kgs i just cant keep anything down DH is extremely worried about me he says "askim boyle olucagini bilseydim hic cocuk istemezdim bize bir cocuk yeter yeterki sen iyi ol" it makes me say awww in the moment of throwing up then i go back to Allahim sen yardim et :D
    at the moment my Dr wants me to take folic acid only lets see what he says Tuesday oy anam oy! bos yerine demiyorlar cennet annelerin ayaklarin altindadir diye simdi cok iyi anliyorum :D but i will keep costco in mind thanx for the tip love
    hun your so lucky i would rather eat like a cow then get sick like this insa Allah all your pregnancies will be easy like your first *hugs* and i know exactly what you mean by hadi yemek ye now i don't eat as much maybe as much as my palm and i get full then their all like ne yedinki hic birsey yemiyorsun zorlaman lazim hadi gel bundan ye sundan ye and im like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww noooooooooooooooooo lmao
    I'm so happy you guys are having a great time in Tr i cant wait till we go which i have no idea when ama ip le cekiyorum turkiyeye gitmemiz icin mmmmmmmmmmm simit yum! its like i smell it bizim yerimize bol bol simit ye olurmu canim give me simit and zeytin and i think ill be the happiest person alive i have the olives covered but no simit my family makes simit too but its not the same oh well bunada sukur
  7. Hopefully the morning (all day) sickness will pass...I heard it passes by *usually* the first trimester....insallah it passes sooner then that!! I am sooooooooooooo HAPPY FOR YOU!! I know this is SC's and all but I don't care, you're going to be an ANNE!!! make sure you are taking your pre-natals (you can buy them cheap at Costco- they have a generic brand there that is amazing) and resting You're going to be an ANNE!! Wahoooooooooooooo
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that your nausea passes sooner than later (just don't be like me- I had NO nausea instead all I did was EAT like a freaking COW!!! Gotta love Turkish families when they find out youre preggers: hadi yemek ye!! lol) lotsa of love from Turkey xoxo- keep me updated (as we might be staying here a little longer- we can't seem to want to leave)
  8. tsk ederim canim I'm 6 weeks 3 days pregnant and been sick the whole time everything disgusts me family makes me food and ill be fine yani ill eat it but when it comes to cooking myself i cant eat it oy! i cant wait till this nausea goes away
  9. OMG, you're PREGNANT?????????????? Gozun aydin!! tebrikler!!! OMG I'm soooooooooo EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I'm still in Turkey and obviously out of the loop How are you feeling? how far along?? YAY!!! Let me know how you're doing, i'm sooooooooo HAPPY FOR YOU!!
  10. Hello there sunshine! Things are going excellent....we were supposed to be back after 5 weeks and then extended out tickets another 6 weeks!! We love it here! The weather is just starting to get chilly, it just rains a bit- no real snow!! I haven't even worn my jacket outside yet....THANK GOD!! Ayla is a spoiled lil' brat! She is getting soooo much attention and she knows it- which is going to bite me in the butt when we're back in Canada. Shes delicious yet I can start to see her evil side- she has this lil' grin she makes that scares me....lo
    Anyway how are things going on your end? Lots and lots of snow? *I kinda miss the snow, shhh, don't tell anyone!!* So when do you plan on coming to TR again? xoxo
  11. hey sweetie hows your vacation coming along? hows Ayla hope shes having a blast
  12. OMG I am the BIGGEST LOSER EVER!! I can't believe I responded on your page!! (actually its not the first time I did that!!). I have to keep this short as I am in packing overload and trying to get some more luggage 48 hours we'll be at the airport....*insallah*
    Whats going on your side of the country?? lol PLEASE tell me its MORE exiting that it is here....ITS SOOO BORING HERE!!
  13. LOL and i was wondering when you will reply to my msg you did just on your post hahaha ill have to respond back to you asap just inbetween cleaning cooking and checkin the site

  14. ok its the ozet first so back to what i was saying i would have loved to help you out im on the next flight out :D i dont know when we will go to Tr but i hope it soon ok so now the show started you should watch it tis really good
  15. thanx i LOVE flowers :D bizde iyiz ne olsun kis geldi evde oturup dizi takip ediyorum lmao bir kac dakkikada ATV de Kis Masali baslicak sabahdan beri sabirsizlikla bekliyorum ah i always left the packing last minute thats why i never packed someone always did it for me Ayla wont need much this trip should be easy for you well thats what people with babies said after they came back from Tr its nice that your gf will be there with you she can help you out with Ayla and all wow shes already packed and shes going alone hun you have yourself DH and DD what are you waiting for lol im jp yea i know what you mean when you say theres a lot to do b4 you leave as in cleaning the house getting things ready etc...hey atleast you did something even if its bringin up the lugage oh my it would have been better if your mom was in Tr as well with you
    OMG kis masali started ill get back to you when its commercials kk optum bye lmao sorry im a sucker for this show!!!!
  16. I LOVE THAT PICTURE ON YOUR PROFILE!! Iyiyiz canim, siz nasilsiniz?? I am getting excited about our trip ama I HAVEN'T PACKED A THING!!! I need to get 50000 things and make sure Ayla has everything she needs to be confortable there and I have NOTHING!! My girlfriend is going to TR on the same flight (shes not turkish so shes even more excited about going to TR for the first time) and shes all packed and ready to go.....I HAVE SOOOO MUCH TO DO! The only thing I did was bring up all the luggage and thats it. I guess this coming weekend I'll have to start doing something.....I guess....:-( My Anne is in TR right now so she'll be coming home 2 days before we leave which means we'll have to spend time with my Mom which then equates to LESS TIME TO PACK!! can you tell I'm starting to stress out??? Want to come to Toronto and help me pack? Lutfen?? lol
    Enough about the packing are things going with you?? Anything exciting going on in your area of the woods? WEATHER?? hows the Weather?? lol
    Cok optum, kendine iyi bak canim
    P.S when will you be going to TR again?
  17. canim naber? hazirliklar nasil gidiyor? gununde az kaldi sanirim kesin heycanlanmaya baslamissindir
  18. awwww dont worry about Ayla you guys will have a blast just make sure you have baby tylenol by your side and youll be fine
    since she is only a few months old she wont be much of a hastle
    i know all this because of my nieces and nephews dont have any children of my own when you do go to Kayseri make sure you guys go to Iskender its a really good restaurant and if you guys go to urgup you MUST stop by the Alaturka restaurant by far one of the best restuarants out there i didnt catch you name? sorry im like so random today DH cousin is on his way to pick me up in a bit im in the middle of getting ready and msging you lol plus its sooooooooo damn cold out htere and the snow i hate it take care talk to you soon
  19. haha, FINALLY found out your name SEVGILI SEVIM! Okay so you're like me, I was born in Toronto- born and raised. I haven't been to TR for 5 years!! I'm more excited for Ayla as it'll be her first time *as if shes going to have any clue what is going on- I know, I'm delusional!!*. My Anne was born in Izmir but spent more time growing up in Istanbul, and my Baba was from Istanbul too We have MANY places to go because we have family (well now that I have to include my husbands side) allover Turkiye. Most of the time we usually spend with my Yenge and Dayi on Buyuk Ada *LOVE IT THERE* and then a week or two in Izmir with my cousins.....but we're going to have to go to Bursa, Aksaray, Didim and Antalya to see ALL the relatives- and this is where my anxiety begins (travelling with a baby scares me to death). One of our really really good friends is from Kayseri and hes coming to TR about a month after us so we're going to head there too *meet his family- because its the classic thing to do in TR- MEET EVERYONES FAMILIES*. Okay I need to shut up already *can you tell I talk alot??*

    Sooo, do you have any kids? how are things going in your part of the woods? hopefully more exciting than

    iskenderrrrrrrrrrr, you have my mouth watering now!!
  20. you know what i was thinking the same today im Sevim :D then ill say shes one cute disaster baby lol the last time i went to Turkiye was 3 years ago i was born in Edmonton raised in Calgary i loooooove Turkiye the food places shopping your going to have a blast i cant wait till DH and i go together what part of Turkiye are you from where will you be going? my family is from Yozgat but the place we stay at when we go is called Bogazliyan and its really close to Kayseri so we end up going to Kayseri 4 times a week hmmz craving Iskender now!!!
  21. *what is your name???* because we can't keep calling eachother TURKISHDELYTE!! lol and don't let Aylas looks trick you, shes a DISASTER BABY!!
    The trip planning is pretty bad...we want to go for atleast 1.5 months and it takes ALOT of planning because there is sooo much to bring , esp. for Ayla.
    When is the last time you went to Turkiye? where are you from originally? Make me excited about going instead of freaking out!!
  22. thanx hun not as beautiful as your ALLAH nazarlardan korusun <3 hows your trip planning coming along?
  24. Ramazan Bayraminiz Mubarek Olsun!!! <3

  25. selam! sanada simdiden hayirli bayramlar daha nice ailenle beraber mutlu huzurlu bayramlar dillerim <3
    omg i loooooove Aylas pic above masallah tuh tuh tuh :D hehe everybody is busy with last min things b4 bayram is here as for me im busy with last min iftar dinners :D i still have to go and buy DH a suit!!! i think ill be doing that tomorrow how are your preps coming along?
  26. merhabaaaaa its almost bayrammmmm! how are you?? insallah you and family are doing well
  27. ALLAH anali babali buyutmesini nasip etsin canim
    i hope everything works out for you as planed i can only assume how hard it is to raise your first child best of luck!!! i have been well trying to stay out of trouble just have been home the weather here in calgary aint that great anyways hun i should get going im having guests over tomorrow so better start cleaning (yaaaaay :s)
  28. thank you TD since our last chit chat i've been learning how to be an ANNE!! this stuff ain't how are you?? being a good girl i hope
  29. omg your dd is soooooooo cute! how have you been since our last chit chat?
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