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  1. Thank you so much zingersmom, I never do a brag, but was happy with the great outcome, for my family as well as many others. Have a great night, Moe.
  2. almost there, 4 more to go.... Remember your 100 can be the one in the exchange thread, that would be sweet.
  3. ok, have a good night, and rest those fingers, got lots of gabbing to do here on SC.
  4. lol...ya I should pack it in for the night....start fresh in the morning
  5. You don't have to do it all tonight, just by Thursday at 10:00 a.m., no pressure, now type, type faster, I can be your drill sarg if you like, lol.
  6. Not doing so well with the game thing...keep screwing it up! lol
  7. You go girl!!!
  8. Thanks for the rep boost, have a wonderful Monday, Moe.
  9. Thank you for the rep zingersmom, have a great day, Moe.
  10. Thank you for the rep boost zinger, have a great day, Moe.
  11. Your very welcome, nice to see someone new in the Brantford thread.
  12. Thanks so much!
  13. Hi, if you need any help with anything, give a shout, Moe.
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