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    Quote Originally Posted by Boo Radley Lite View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Boo Radley Lite View Post

    Well it might seem a bit overwhelming now but as it is used for so specialty threads e.g. swagbucks, coupons, radio threads, etc. only few people interested in that specific topic would edit it. As the excitement of this feature fades away it will be used in a more useful way
    Quote Originally Posted by Natalka View Post
    Could this thread - or info about the Wiki stuff - PLEASE go in the section on Site related posts? - because that's where I went looking for info - but this is in Deals and Flyers....
    Quote Originally Posted by FallenPixels View Post
    Yes, he replied saying ooops and was answering questions about the wiki that prolly only he would know (and the real Boo replied to my seeing double so woulda noticed an imposter). He probably needed a non admin account to check the settings
    Quote Originally Posted by Boo Radley View Post
    That is me. I just created "Boo Radley Lite" to see the wiki from a user (not admin) perspective and made a mistake and posted using that username... oops
    so you thought boo lite, would be a good place to 'hide'
    this idea has bothered quite a few people.

    sorry for grabbing so many quotes, but they did seem to sum
    this all up, for me, anyway
    hoping you all have a terrific day
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    if you have some spare time

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmoody8107 View Post
    My brag just changed to a WIKI!!! It screwed up my title and I cant advanced edit to fix it!

    Did it change by itself or did you change it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boo Radley View Post
    So let me explain here what is going on
    I noticed some threads on SC are very famous and the first post usually needs continuous updates and collaboration. A good example is list of coupons, points, prizes and radio programs like swagbucks that have keywords, etc.

    So I thought to myself... why not make the first post of these threads a wiki? That way everyone can edit it and add to it, everything will be easy to update and locate and we can collaborate to make things better on SC.

    This is the first step towards my campaign towards making SC more organized and easier to use

    This thread still works like a normal thread too. So any feedback or ideas to improve this are welcome
    A wiki-style set up for some of the Sticky threads would be fantastic!
    It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.
    - Aristotle

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