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    needed to get some fruit and decided to go to fortinos -i even forgot to look at coupon zone-had lots on my mind
    corn 6/1.00
    tray of grapes 1.99
    (1) wheat thins 1.99-.75=1.24
    (1) asania yogurt -not on sale but wanted some 4.59-1.00 cpn=3.59
    (1) dole endless salad 4.49-1.00 cpn=3.49
    (1) reduced apples 1.99
    (1) reduced bananas 1.49
    small grape tomatoes 2.00
    nice huge watermelon slice 3.01
    strawberries 2.99
    on the reduced table
    pink stickers-(2) nice and easy foam in my colour -yeah 11.49 regular-50% off=5.74-buy 2 save 3.00= $4.24 each -then i went home and did my hair -really like the foamnow i feel good again- no grays
    oh yes i went into the joe shop-got a sleeveless dress reduced for 9.97 (burgundy-cant wait to wear it)
    - a new top for 10.00-minus gift card i won last year =free clothes for me still have 2 something left on card
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    Yes, reduced produce finds at Fortino's are fun to find. Though sometimes the finds might be mostly of one vegetable (hello, eggplants) or of one fruit (sometimes apples or citrus or just bananas at 99cents per tray).
    Great to read of your Joe Fresh buys too!
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    I have bought reduced fruit and lettuce from Fortino's and have gotten really sick. Once we had Dole Lettuce reduced and my whole family got ill from it. I stay away from it now.

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