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Thread: Calgary Stempede

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    Would like info on the Calgary Stampede, which events to see and to get the
    best deals for the tickets. Also which seats for the shows, rodeo etc. Clubhouse or not!
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    In the past 25 years 67 horses have died or been euthanized due to injuries at the Calgary Stampede. The # goes up to 76 if you include the 9 who died while on a trail ride to the stadium (when they fell off a bridge). The calf roping is nothing but a cruel spectacle of gratuitous animal abuse.

    Fear, pain and stress are used to coerce animals into performing for the entertainment of human beings – a barbaric concept, just like bull fighting and other animals used for entertainment - like circus elephants and killer whales. Why would anyone still choose to go? Maybe you could investigate going on a holiday that doesn't include the pain, suffering and death.
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