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Thread: Dealing with the frathouse neighbours

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    Told you to eff off, what a charming clowder of cretins. I wonder if they'll remember their ludicrous rude behaviour when they're adults themselves.

    I personally have moved away from the frat rats, before I could even get my equipment ... may I suggest tactical usage of stink bombs?

    And yeah, narc your heart out, CALL THOSE POLICE. If you feel threatened, especially. That's disrespectful and horrid, and I hope the little goons get theirs ... ALL them lil goons!

    Quote Originally Posted by torontogal12 View Post
    Last night a different frat house had a party until 5 am

    I caught them in the hall this morn with a keg

    I told them that they need to keep their parties down.

    They told me to F off.

    Worst part is that security guards keep no records and Said their party ended at midnight??!

    Parties from these upstairs guys at least once a month. Last one was in January when I had a friend visiting from out of town and she complained

    What happens if I run into these dudes again? Now I'm scared to walk into my own building. Try to be a decent human and address the problem without calling cops and the dudes get nasty

    All because I've put up with it for months and God forbid I say something

    Worst part is that this is now a pricey place to live. We're locked into cheaper rent because we've been here a while but how do these new people afford to live here? Why don't they go to the student ghetto? If this is the kind of crowd we get in an expensive neighbourhood, where are we supposed to go

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    I am in a dilemma here. I am considering moving because of this racket (there's now different neighbours that hold parties so there's a total of at least 3 that we have pinpointed where noise comes from).
    We've lived in this building in peace for five years. This has been going on for 6 months now

    The problem is that there's nowhere to go. If you ask people who live in other condos in the city there's more and more students moving into expensive condos that don't give a rats ass about noise. Mom and dad pay their rent and the landlord is in Hong Kong and has never checked that the property is damaged by parties. Security does nothing. We live in a complex with 4 towers and when I called the security guard at 3 a.m. last night, he didn't bother asking me which tower I was in so I figured he was lying about coming to do something about it. Music and screaming continued until 5. Didn't call the police because DH got home tired at 1 a.m. and didn't want to have to talk to them.

    How are we supposed to live this way if this is becoming a problem with many condo towers?

    If I can't get sleep its affects me and my job, but what about doctors, or bus or taxi drivers who can't get sleep? That's dangerous. I posted on a building message board explaining that people need to keep it quiet out of respect. Again was told to F off. You can't reason with entitlement
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    Do you know any of your non partying neighbours? I have found there to be strength in numbers. Although everyone in our complex was annoyed with one unit many did not want to speak up but when a number of units (5 to 7) complained our property management company stepped in.

    I would also say if security isn't doing anything call the police. I am pretty sure that will get the landlords attention that they are possibly paying someone who is not doing their job. I get that dealing with it is a pain and takes up your time but it is really the only option to it stopping. Been there done that and I get it no one wants to be speaking to the police at 1 am and have to get up at 5 am but in the end if it pays off and changes things.
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    That really sounds awful, 5 am is extremely excessive. In that case, since you do have security available, but a pain in the butt to them. Keep calling every 30 mins for the first 2 hours, then start calling them every 15 mins after that until something is done. If after the first 5 calls they don't do anything, they may start to change their mind just to get you to stop bugging them. The point of the security so that residents don't need call the police, if you start calling the police, that looks bad on the security and the owners of the building, who could end up getting tickets/fines for not dealing with this themselves and relying on police.
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    Oh torontogal, I'm sorry you are still dealing with this, and that the inconsiderate noise makers have multiplied. I hope you kept your own record of when you called security, so that when you decide to talk to the police or by law officers you have documentation to support your claim. It comes off as unprofessional of your building security's lack of records, they should have at least a logbook or something. Good luck, I really hope it gets resolved soon.

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    Any update?
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    She and DH moved to a different building (this spring?) per post in a different thread
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