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Thread: September 2015 Frugal Chatter Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by avoncallingu View Post
    Hello folks! This day is a very sad one. Our one dog had to have some surgery and we took the other one in for tests. As it turned out we had to put our one dog down. Our poodle is recovering from cyst and teeth removal and heartbreakingly, our schnauzer, MAX is no longer with us. It was all such a shock. I'm so upset. He was a little turkey but we loved him. He was with us for 4 years after having been dumped at the local off-leash dog park and he had such a spark of mischief! But today, we had to say good-bye to him. We will surely miss him.

    Our poodle is SURE that I have caused all his current discomfort since I was the one to put the cone on him! I think it will be a long night.

    Little prayers for our family would be appreciated. Good night, folks!
    Aww I'm so sorry. Losing a beloved pet is hard.

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    Good Morning All,
    Was so hoping to skip shopping this week but after looking at the flyers that will not happen. Just hoping we can stay on budget. It is time to get all the stuff for our favourite winter meals to warm us up.

    I cleaned up my yarn last night, well actually I should say I started too, still quite a bit to find a home for and running out of room fast. It probably does not help that I have enough yarn to make 3 blankets in my living room. I am working on one for me right now, Mom's will be next and then I will do one for me for downstairs since I am always cold. Those big blanket balls take up a lot of room. Hopefully tonight I can get most put away and then I will need to find a home for what is left. Plus I think I better hurry up and get my blanket done, I might need it soon.

    I have decided each night I get one hour to crochet where I will not worry about the work I need to get done or thing around the house, this hour is mine. So far it is working but time will tell.

    Well better get back to work, first of the month means price changes and well the paper is yet again taking over my desk, have a great one everyone.
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    I have the fixings ready to make butternut squash soup! I can't wait to make it. Think I will do so tonight!
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