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  1. ​I hope you have a great time; I know you will.
  2. Bless your heart, Hicks...that mouse is the cutest thing; I just love them! Not in our trailer the odd time, but generally..
    I hope you're feeling your best today, as best as it possibly can be, pain-free for sure.
    Take good care, Sweetiepie...we're off to friends' this afternoon so she and I can exchange gifts for Christmas and no, their 3 doggies are not forgotten.
    Love and hugs, Lynn
  3. Oh, Hicks, I hope and pray this is the start of your road to complete recovery!! This is not a time to start revving your engines, though....keep resting, and give wee Jake lots of squishy hugs for your health, too!
  4. Oh, Hicks, how awful to have such a lousy night. Was it pain, keeping you up? Ugh.....Honey, please rest more, do less. Believe me, and you know this, having been confined to bed for months at a time, I was supremely antsy to get out, do things, but when I finally did, I paid for it. Can you order your groceries for pick-up so that you don't have to get out of your car! Ask them not to pack heavy bags....they want your business.....please take it slower? I hope and pray for better days ahead, dear Friend.
  5. Just..........
  6. Morning, is right, Hicks!! So sorry you couldn't get to sleep, I hope you get that nap in this afternoon and have a good night's sleep tonight. {{{hugs!}}}
  7. Cute verse Lynn; thank you. I hope ur nite was just that.
  8. Thanks hon. I'm glad your foot is healing well. A few more days rest will probably go a long way towards a relatively pain - free long w/end. I sure hope you have good weather. I can't agree more, this summer sucked. Personally, maybe because I'm not feeling great, but I'm finding it really cold. 8 & 9 degrees when I get up in the mornings. In the sun today, it wasn't bad, but by late afternoon, it was cloudy & windy. I'm in sweat pants, t-shirt, and heavy hooded sweat shirt. Nuts for August. I guess I shouldn't complain, esp. with what the Texans are going through.
    I'm feeling a little better today, even got half the house cleaned. The past 4 days were really not good at all. I'm not looking forward to surgery, but I wish it was mid-Sept. instead of mid-Oct. Just want to get it over with, and start the healing process.
    It's almost bedtime. Just watching the end of the Jays game, then I'll start to get ready.
    Good night, and sweet dreams.
  9. Hey, Babe!! Had a good day, but very pooped for some reason, I didn't do too much running around...How 'bout you? How are you faring these days? It's really becoming more like fall here in the mornings, but at least the leaves aren't changing YET. On the drive to the island I can spot a tree here or there that are beginning to turn but DH said they're probably birches and they turn early. Can't say I've enjoyed the summer this year with the lousy weather, my still not walking properly for long before I twisted my foot, haha...ah, well, it's healing nicely. Camping was fun as always when it wasn't raining!! Time to start snuggling down for the fall...this might be my last weekend at camp for the season, DH and SIL close up in Sept.
    Take care Sweets!!! {{{Hugs!}}}
  10. Hicks, nope, you don't have to tell me to relax..haha...I'm quite accustomed to doing that over the past few years. This walking business is becoming very elusive to me. I understand completely the need to rest and heal, it was drummed into my by my physiotherapists after my break and tkr. So rest I will, because next weekend is IT for me. No more camping. In Sept, my DH goes to close it up and that's it until next spring.
    Enjoy your weekend now that the stress over your DIL's critical condition has passed. YOU rest!
  11. Glad to hear there's no fracture, but that doesn't really make it feel any better does it. I know what you mean about those x-ray tables, gurneys and exam 'beds'. Everything seems to hurt more when you're lying on them.
    It seemed like you were getting the run-around today, but I guess it all worked out in the end, learning it wasn't broken.
    Now, do I have to tell you to be a good girl, so you can heal (no pun intended) for the long w/end. Take care of yourself hon.
  12. Hi, Hicks!

    I went for my x-ray this morning, no waiting thank goodness but can they make it any more difficult? I know it's me, but dang that bed is hard on my bones! At least the ones that it can find under this "poofiness"..

    The clinic doc had said to call my doc for the results this afteroon, but they don't answer on Fridays, so I said I'd call on Monday. However, the x-ray tech told me that they'd be ready in about 3 hours, and to call the clinic back....I mentioned that the doc said to call 'my' doc and she said no, if I was called it would be the clinic. Great, I thought...they're open today! Yah. Except that they don't accept incoming calls!!

    However, I'm not in as much pain today so it's as I suspected, nothing fractured, but I sure did bruise something.But it's less painful today and if this continues I'll absolutely be back to my normal self by the long weekend at camp!
  13. Thanks hon; I find it cold - going down to 8 tonight. So, what happened re: the x-ray?
  14. Thank you, is your DIL doing today? I hope she's steadily improving and making great strides. Have a lovely weekend, I hope the summer weather continues to hang on for'was 14 this morning here!! Take good care, my Friend.
  15. Thank you, Hicks; I hope the weekend is treating you nicely, too!
  16. Thanks Lynn. It's been a relatively good couple of days.
  17. Thank you, Hicks. I sure hope you're feeling so much better!
  18. Thanks hon. I do appreciate your concern & prayers. Pain isn't too bad right now, just discomfort. Yes, I see the surgeon tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes, although I think I know what she's going to say.
    It may sound silly, but I'm worried too. If in fact I need surgery, what about Jake; how will I look after myself once home again, etc., etc., etc.
  19. Good morning, Hicks...thinking of you this morning and hoping you're not in a lot of pain, although I suspect you I'll just hope and pray it doesn't linger and is gone very soon. I also hope everything went well...I worry about you being alone there, taking care of yourself and Jake. Keeping you in my prayers, Dear Friend.

  20. Hicks, I still don't know what's wrong with Jake? What's he doing that he's sick? Not eating???
    I don't like this one bit.
  21. Thanks hon. I'm much better, but afraid it's going to get much, much worse. Time will tell. Jake's still sick though.
    My sister is still in the hospital, but they're talking about discharging her Wed. or Thurs.
    Thanks for you best wishes, we'll be just fine.
  22. Hicks, I hope your sister comes through this just fine in time, is she still in the hospital? And how are you faring lately, it's been so long since I've actually spent any time on here. I just SO dislike using my ipad when we're away. Continuing to wish you a complete recovery, Hon...gentle hugs...Me.
  23. Thought of you this morning, Hicks, and wondered how you're recuperation is coming along. The summer has finally arrived and I hope you can get outside and enjoy these precious days. Big but gentle hugs, Moi!
  24. Good morning, Hicks....I seem to have missed your last message.....goodness, you had some high water! I hope it's gone by now, but if it's anything like it is here, nothing is drying out at all....again, it's damp and dreary here at camp. The pancake breakfast just finished up and I 'm back here with Jenny. The kids and their two Dads have gone golfing, at least it's not raining here.
    As for back meds, our doc prescribed a topical cream that he said is 10x stronger than voltarin and it's actually helping! I put some on my hips thus morning too, because I could barely walk to the kids' trailer yesterday.
    Happy Canada Day, Hicks!
  25. Oh no, I'm sorry your back's giving you such a tough time. Is the weather causing all this extra pain? That's so very frustrating.
    No, no gardening. It poured most of the day, and even when I went out once, it's like a swamp out there. The water's was so deep, it was over the top of my running shoes. Annoying is an understatement.
    I sure hope you feel better soon. Do your pain meds help? Take care hon.
  26. Hello, my Friend! Not a very good day...I tried walking around Fabricland and only lasted about 10 minutes before my back gave out; called DH to pick me up, found myself in a motorozed wheelchair thingy when we went to WM for some veggies. I'll have a lot to ask our doctor tomorrow.
    I sure hope you had a better day and managed to get into your gardens between happy that your niece's wedding had such a wonderful day! Must have been some sort of miracle this summer!
    Have a lovely evening, Hon!
  27. To answer your question, I volunteered @ a primate sanctuary & @ the Toronto Zoo. Absolutely loved it !!!
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