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  1. Hicks, I still don't know what's wrong with Jake? What's he doing that he's sick? Not eating???
    I don't like this one bit.
  2. Thanks hon. I'm much better, but afraid it's going to get much, much worse. Time will tell. Jake's still sick though.
    My sister is still in the hospital, but they're talking about discharging her Wed. or Thurs.
    Thanks for you best wishes, we'll be just fine.
  3. Hicks, I hope your sister comes through this just fine in time, is she still in the hospital? And how are you faring lately, it's been so long since I've actually spent any time on here. I just SO dislike using my ipad when we're away. Continuing to wish you a complete recovery, Hon...gentle hugs...Me.
  4. Thought of you this morning, Hicks, and wondered how you're recuperation is coming along. The summer has finally arrived and I hope you can get outside and enjoy these precious days. Big but gentle hugs, Moi!
  5. Good morning, Hicks....I seem to have missed your last message.....goodness, you had some high water! I hope it's gone by now, but if it's anything like it is here, nothing is drying out at all....again, it's damp and dreary here at camp. The pancake breakfast just finished up and I 'm back here with Jenny. The kids and their two Dads have gone golfing, at least it's not raining here.
    As for back meds, our doc prescribed a topical cream that he said is 10x stronger than voltarin and it's actually helping! I put some on my hips thus morning too, because I could barely walk to the kids' trailer yesterday.
    Happy Canada Day, Hicks!
  6. Oh no, I'm sorry your back's giving you such a tough time. Is the weather causing all this extra pain? That's so very frustrating.
    No, no gardening. It poured most of the day, and even when I went out once, it's like a swamp out there. The water's was so deep, it was over the top of my running shoes. Annoying is an understatement.
    I sure hope you feel better soon. Do your pain meds help? Take care hon.
  7. Hello, my Friend! Not a very good day...I tried walking around Fabricland and only lasted about 10 minutes before my back gave out; called DH to pick me up, found myself in a motorozed wheelchair thingy when we went to WM for some veggies. I'll have a lot to ask our doctor tomorrow.
    I sure hope you had a better day and managed to get into your gardens between happy that your niece's wedding had such a wonderful day! Must have been some sort of miracle this summer!
    Have a lovely evening, Hon!
  8. To answer your question, I volunteered @ a primate sanctuary & @ the Toronto Zoo. Absolutely loved it !!!
  9. I don't think so. I have a wedding tomorrow, and the church picnic on Sunday.
    The garden certainly doesn't need watering !!!! Mother Nature has done that in spades. lol
    I do want to start pruning & weeding though, but the 1st chance I'll have is late Sunday afternoon @ the earliest.
    I hope all goes well with your DH tomorrow. I'm glad ur staying home. With him here, and all the rainy weather, you wouldn't have a good time, and probably be eaten alive by mosquitos.
  10. Hi, Hicks!! What a day you had!! You and Jake!
    I hope the weather is lovely for you this weekend and you can get out to do some RELAXING gardening.
    Read: watering, admiring, no weeding.
  11. Thank you, Sweets!! Wishing you a good day and evening!!
  12. Thanks hon. I'm afraid it's grey & raining on & off, but it's suppose to be nice tomorrow - I hope; I'm tired of all this rain. I'm back from the casino - lost again, but had a nice buffet breakfast. Now, to head to the basement & do some more sorting for the garage sale. I'll be so glad when it's over, and praying for a nice day after all this work.
  13. Good morning, Hicks, my Friend!! I hope you have a less poopy day than we're having here...when will it actually become summer?! I hope you have a more restful day today, Hicks, without any discomfort at all! {{hugs}}
  14. It was nice, but really, really windy. Unfortunately, it'll be -21 with wind chill by the morning. We had 3 walks today, which was nice, but still cold with the wind. On the back deck though, there was little to none. I even put a chair out there, and was in just a T shirt. Nice. I wish it would last though.
  15. +13!!! Dorks must be wearing shorts out there today!! haha...We got up to a balmy +4, but without a wind it was quite nice. For early spring, that is. I'm afraid we're not going to see your temps in a while, yet, but I hope you got outside with Jake in the yard and enjoyed some of that lovely sunshine!!!
  16. I tried to nap, but 2 phone calls later, I gave up.
    It was pretty cold here today as well, but don't know what the temp was. I think they said the high on Wed. was only going to be -3. It will get warmer, sooner or later; sooner preferably.
  17. Oh, Hicks, it was supposed to be +7 today, but only got up to +2, and dreary looking, and getting a wee bit below 0 in the next couple of days. Please tell me this too, shall pass??!
    Hope you got in that nice nap this afternoon, Sweets!!
  18. Me? Um.........breakfast in the morning, then lunch...try to find the frog closure for my new jacket...dinner...yup. Busy days as usual!! I do have physio on Thursday and I'm really looking forward to it; it did me so much good last week! I keep attempting to do stairs one at a time, usually in the afternoons and it's okay, still holding onto the handrail for dear life. Thank heavens my DH bolted them in so well!!
    I hope you have time this week to stop and smell roses, no that'll never melting snow?? Ahhh, yes...that wonderful spring announcement!
    Take care of yourself, my Friend. BTW...did you get my email(s)??
  19. Thanks hon. I like that saying for the week. It's a busy week 4 me. I have a meeting tomorrow night @ public health, to help out with a project; meeting with the Minister Tues. morning; seeing the surgeon on Wed., then to the hospital for tests, bible study Thurs., and hopefully pick up my car on Friday. What about you?
  20. Thank you for the reps, Hicks. and isn't it funny...every day is Saturday for us, but for some reason weekends are still weekends for us. There's something about them. One thing I do know: the weekends are not for going to Costco! We leave that to the out-of-towners who flood in then.

    Any big plans for the week ahead?
    Take good care, Hicks and have a great, healthy PAIN-FREE week!!
  21. Well, we're getting a break in the temps this w/end, up to +9 tomorrow. Cold again on Monday I think, but I'll take whatever I can get. With all the snow & ice, I've really screwed up my back. !!!!!!!! I can hardly walk.
    My other problem seems to be getting better, but the pain in my hips is on the verge of unbearable.
    I hope you're feeling some better. Take care, and I hope you get some nicer weather this w/end.
  22. Hi, Hicks! Thank you for the reps....but was sunny alright, but cold! Well...not bitter cold, I think it was supposed to go up to -7 or so, but that's enough to keep me indoors. I got a lot of stuff done around the house until I got too sore and tired, but one day at a time, right?
    How are you faring these days? It's so scary when it's icy, isn't it??!!
    You take care of yourself, Dearie!
  23. I couldn't agree with you more. That freezing rain warning is such a 'downer'. I'm terrified of falling on the ice, so I'm not going to chance it. I feel badly that Jake will miss his walks, but not worth the risk.
    I do feel a little better today, thank you. From everything I've been told, and read, looks like this is a permanent condition. I'll have to adjust accordingly, and hope that it settles down enough that I can live a 'relatively' normal life. Gonna give it the old college try.
    Take care my friend.
  24. Yeppers, Hicks..seems winter isn't through tossing its crap on us, is it? Oh, how I hate this time of year!
    And how are you today? I'm hoping better than yesterday, and that the trend continues until you're all better by spring! Or earlier, of course..
    Have a restful, recuperative day, my Friend...Huggles!!
  25. Aw, shucks, Hicks... thank you.
    Now, Missy, I hope you're taking good care of yourself and resting and recuperating. Even if we look perfectly fine on the outside, doesn't mean there still isn't a lot of healing going on inside.
    Rest. Heal.

  26. thx 4 letting me know
  27. Hi, Hicks, arrived in London safely, meeting Avon for dinner. Hope you'remember feeling!
    Have a lovely weekend!
  28. Me either. It's mid-January and it's suppose to be +4 today. Go figure. I hope you have a great day. Me, I going to go do all the running around I was going to do yesterday.
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