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  1. It was nice, but really, really windy. Unfortunately, it'll be -21 with wind chill by the morning. We had 3 walks today, which was nice, but still cold with the wind. On the back deck though, there was little to none. I even put a chair out there, and was in just a T shirt. Nice. I wish it would last though.
  2. +13!!! Dorks must be wearing shorts out there today!! haha...We got up to a balmy +4, but without a wind it was quite nice. For early spring, that is. I'm afraid we're not going to see your temps in a while, yet, but I hope you got outside with Jake in the yard and enjoyed some of that lovely sunshine!!!
  3. I tried to nap, but 2 phone calls later, I gave up.
    It was pretty cold here today as well, but don't know what the temp was. I think they said the high on Wed. was only going to be -3. It will get warmer, sooner or later; sooner preferably.
  4. Oh, Hicks, it was supposed to be +7 today, but only got up to +2, and dreary looking, and getting a wee bit below 0 in the next couple of days. Please tell me this too, shall pass??!
    Hope you got in that nice nap this afternoon, Sweets!!
  5. Me? Um.........breakfast in the morning, then lunch...try to find the frog closure for my new jacket...dinner...yup. Busy days as usual!! I do have physio on Thursday and I'm really looking forward to it; it did me so much good last week! I keep attempting to do stairs one at a time, usually in the afternoons and it's okay, still holding onto the handrail for dear life. Thank heavens my DH bolted them in so well!!
    I hope you have time this week to stop and smell roses, no that'll never melting snow?? Ahhh, yes...that wonderful spring announcement!
    Take care of yourself, my Friend. BTW...did you get my email(s)??
  6. Thanks hon. I like that saying for the week. It's a busy week 4 me. I have a meeting tomorrow night @ public health, to help out with a project; meeting with the Minister Tues. morning; seeing the surgeon on Wed., then to the hospital for tests, bible study Thurs., and hopefully pick up my car on Friday. What about you?
  7. Thank you for the reps, Hicks. and isn't it funny...every day is Saturday for us, but for some reason weekends are still weekends for us. There's something about them. One thing I do know: the weekends are not for going to Costco! We leave that to the out-of-towners who flood in then.

    Any big plans for the week ahead?
    Take good care, Hicks and have a great, healthy PAIN-FREE week!!
  8. Well, we're getting a break in the temps this w/end, up to +9 tomorrow. Cold again on Monday I think, but I'll take whatever I can get. With all the snow & ice, I've really screwed up my back. !!!!!!!! I can hardly walk.
    My other problem seems to be getting better, but the pain in my hips is on the verge of unbearable.
    I hope you're feeling some better. Take care, and I hope you get some nicer weather this w/end.
  9. Hi, Hicks! Thank you for the reps....but was sunny alright, but cold! Well...not bitter cold, I think it was supposed to go up to -7 or so, but that's enough to keep me indoors. I got a lot of stuff done around the house until I got too sore and tired, but one day at a time, right?
    How are you faring these days? It's so scary when it's icy, isn't it??!!
    You take care of yourself, Dearie!
  10. I couldn't agree with you more. That freezing rain warning is such a 'downer'. I'm terrified of falling on the ice, so I'm not going to chance it. I feel badly that Jake will miss his walks, but not worth the risk.
    I do feel a little better today, thank you. From everything I've been told, and read, looks like this is a permanent condition. I'll have to adjust accordingly, and hope that it settles down enough that I can live a 'relatively' normal life. Gonna give it the old college try.
    Take care my friend.
  11. Yeppers, Hicks..seems winter isn't through tossing its crap on us, is it? Oh, how I hate this time of year!
    And how are you today? I'm hoping better than yesterday, and that the trend continues until you're all better by spring! Or earlier, of course..
    Have a restful, recuperative day, my Friend...Huggles!!
  12. Aw, shucks, Hicks... thank you.
    Now, Missy, I hope you're taking good care of yourself and resting and recuperating. Even if we look perfectly fine on the outside, doesn't mean there still isn't a lot of healing going on inside.
    Rest. Heal.

  13. thx 4 letting me know
  14. Hi, Hicks, arrived in London safely, meeting Avon for dinner. Hope you'remember feeling!
    Have a lovely weekend!
  15. Me either. It's mid-January and it's suppose to be +4 today. Go figure. I hope you have a great day. Me, I going to go do all the running around I was going to do yesterday.
  16. Hicks, you're so right, that ice is treacherous. I hope everyone drove according to the road conditions and walked cautiously. You and I have experience with sudden accidents, and we know how quickly things can go wrong.
    Such a January thaw, though; I don't recall it hitting above 0 this time of year.
    Have a lovely sleep with sweet dreams, Sweetheart...
  17. lol - funny, but I guess not really. It's instinct to go investigate, maybe not so smart in hindsight, but I'd do exactly the same thing.
  18. That's the perfect word, Hicks, "terrifying". After it was all over I thought...what the heck did I think I was doing, walking upstairs into whatever?! But all I could think of was that Jenny wasn't barking anymore!! When I got into the livingroom, there she was cool as a cucumber, sitting pretty in the middle of the carpet!!
    It was like those movies where you scream at the tv...don't go there, stupid!!! hahaha!! That was moi.
    Take care, Kitten!
  19. They sure are; just love them.

    Me, I'm still pretty ill. Yesterday, went back to the doctor's, and took my friend for another hospital appt. He doesn't have the all clear, and isn't allowed to drive, but I think he's well enough to go home in the next few days. We'll see.
    I'm off to bed again, for a nap. I'm so very tired these days.
    Take care hon.
  20. Oh, heaven's Hicks....doesn't that make you want a new puppy?! Or at least...maul a new puppy?? If there's anything cuter in the world than a new puppy, I sure haven't seen it. Shhhh...they're even MUCH more cuter than babies!!
    I hope all's well in your world today, my Friend!!
  21. Thanks Lynn. Yes, it was a shock. I thought he was getting better. So very sad. Do you know what was wrong with him ? I can't find that she ever said.
    And you're right. 2017 isn't starting out so well. I sure hope it improves.
  22. Thank you, Hicks....I was hoping for a better beginning for all of us, but omg, poor Darth...every time I think of her I begin to tear up. God help us all this year.
    Bless you and your family, Hicks. I sure hope you're feeling much better with those antibiotics.
    Happy New Year!
  23. Hicks...let's just hope and pray that 2017 is kinder to us, gentler with us than that last year! I'm so sorry you're so sick. But that's the LAST of it, my Friend!! Onward to better days ahead for all of us!
    God bless and happy new year to you!!
  24. Hicks, the year can't end fast enough! It looks like a pretty positive Rooster year!
    Typing on my iPad, we're watching The Mummy Returns,,,,cute, fluff...
  25. I know, you've been through hell, but you're getting better, a little @ a time.
    Yes, my friend's been here a week now. He's better than he was, but it'll be a little while before he can be on his own.
    I want to thank you so much for the Christmas card; it arrived today. I only get my mail delivered once a week, long story, but it was a wonderful surprise. Thank you.
  26. Oh, Hicks, it was all too wonderful!! But truth be told, I'm actually d-o-n-e with all the rich foods, drinks...okay, except for the Rumchatta and Amarula that I still need to get through before January first. So it'll be another season of dieting like I did from Christmas to May '14 when I lost almost 50 lbs before I broke my leg and spent the last 2 1/2 years putting it all back on...probably. I'm too scared to step on the scale right now.
    Is your friend out of the hospital? How is he doing?
    I sure hope you have time to relax and decompress before your life gets so busy again....big hugs!!!
  27. Thank you, was just the best! We're so blessed to have our DD and her family so close! On the down-side...since dinner was at their left-overs here!!
    I hope you have a wonderful day today...did I see that you're expecting company soon??
  28. Thanks. It's done, at least for now. My friend is still in hospital. He has a severe, acute concussion, but a little more coherent today.
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