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About AmberKeetch
Young mom of 3 amazing boys with another on the way. I also have a stepson so I am extra busy.
Stay At Home Mom
Trade List:
Coupons with * beside them are new :)
No French Coupons
Non Printed

Interested in doing some coupon trading via Facebook? Join the trading group I love Shopping and Saving (coupon trade)

FPC (Free Product Coupons)
***Free any carton of Natrel Lactose Free cream 10% or 35% M.F exp 12/31/2011
* Free dipping sauce at participating Pizza Pizza walk in only 10/02/2011
***Free Onion rings or Fries (with purchase) walk in only Pizza Pizza 12/31/2011

*x5 Finish Quantum 20ct with MIR or save up to $7.99 on any Finish Quantum product purchases must be made between Aug 1st and Aug 21
*x5 Free Lysol no touch handsoap system purchases must be made between Aug 5th and Oct 5th

x3 save $2.oo at Nightmares Fear Factory (Niagra Falls) exp May 1st 2012
x3 $2.00 off Adult admission at Elmvale Jungle zoo exp sept 30th 2011
x3 $10.00 off Niagra Hellicopters package Exp May 31 2012
x3 20% off Adult/child/senior admission at Casa Loma exp April 30th 2012
x3 Free ride coupon (Fast Food Zip Line) at Bowmanville zoo (no exp)

***x2 4PC chicken & Individual Fries $5.99 10/16/2011
***x2Two can dine 3 piece meals $11.99 10/16/2011
***10 PC Bucket $10.99 10/16/2011
***15 PC bucket $19.99 10/16/2011
***14 PC Family special $24.99 10/16/2011

McDonalds: :
***BOGO McDonalds, buy any Big Mac, QPw/Cheese. McChicken, Filet O Fish etc get one free exp 10/02/2011
*** 2 sausage & eggers for $4.00 at A& w 10/31/2011
***2 sausage & eggers 2 a&w hash brwns & 2 reg coffees for $6.99 10/31/2011

***Mama with Cheese combo for $4.99 10/31/2011

Pizza Pizza:

***BOGO one cheese slice at reg price get the second free @ pizza pizza walk in only 12/31/2011
***2 can dine for 8.99
BOGO one stuffed sandwich at reg price get the other free at pizza pizza walk in only 12/31/2011
***Free can of coke with any italian sandwich at pizza pizza 12/31/2011
***2 can dine for 8.99 buy 2 Italian sandwiches + 2 cokes for 8.99 at Pizza Pizza 12/31/2011
* x5 $3.00 off any two lunch entrees at Red Lobster

*x5 save $4.00 on any two Dinner entrees at Red Lobster 9/22/2011

Baby: Diapers/Wipes/Formula/Snacks/Cerals/Reward Codes
***save $5.00 on Enfamil Lower Iron Enfamil with Iron or Enfapro Formulas (powder 900g or Concentrate 12x 385ml) exp Nov 12th 2011
**x5 save $2.00 on any Pampers diapers or pants 10/31/2011
***Save $2.50 on any Pampers diapers or pants & wipes 10/31/2011
save $5.00 on any Gerber Toddler drink 09/30/2011
x3 save $3.00 on any PediaSure complete 4 pack 05/01/2012

x2 save $1.00 on any live clean baby product (no exp)

*x2 save $3.00 on Enfapro A+09/30/2011
*save $5.00 on Simlac Advance with Omega 3 and 6 Ready to Feed nursers 12/31/2011

Femanie Hygeine:

x11 save $1.50 on any Kotex tween 09/15/2011
*x2 save $1.00 on any one Veet product 12/31/2011

Oral Hygiene: Toothpaste etc
***x4 save $1.50 on Spinbrush Globrush 04/30/2012
***x4 save $1.00 on Spinbrush kids 04/30/2012
***x4 save $1.00 on Spinbrush Adult toothbrush proclean,pro select or pro whitening 04/30/2012
***x4 save 75 cents on Arm & Hammer Toothpaste 04/30/2012
8 X8 save $1.00 on any colgate 360 or colgate Max fresh brush 12/31/2011
x5 save $1.00 when you buy any 2 Fixodent adhesives or Powders 12/31/2011
save $3.00 when you buy any 2 sensodyne products 09/30/2011
save $1.00 on any sensodyne product 09/30/2011
save $1.00 on any Crest 3D white rinse 09/30/2011
save $1.00 on Crest 3D white paste 09/30/2011
save $1.00 on any 2 A&H toothpaste 09/07/2011

Toilet Paper/Napkins/Paper Towel/Kleenex:
***X7 save $1.00 on any size Royale 3 ply Ultra bathroom tissue 09/30/2012
x6 save $1.00 on any one pack of Royal 3ply elegant dinner napkins 09/30/2011
x2 save 75 cents on any size Royale paper towels 09/30/2012
***x6 Buy 2 cashmere double 8's get a free cahmere fresh wipes tub or refil 12/31/2011

Hair Care:Hair Dye/Shampoo/Styling Products:

x15 save $1.00 on ant TRESemme fresh start product 12/31/2011
x12 save $1.00 on any one TRESemme styling product 12/31/2011
$1.50 off any loreal Paris hair expertise product 12/31/2011

x5 save $1.00 on Pantene (not valid on trial sizes) 12/31/2011
x3 $3.00 off any Nutrisse radiant blonde 12/31/2011
x5 save $2.00 on any Loreal root rescue 12/31/2011
x5 save $1.00 on any Alberto European product12/31/2011
x5save 75 cents on any Aussie product 09/09/2011
***save $1.00 on Pantene (non trial size) 10/31/2011
***save $2.50 on any 2 Pantene (non trial size) 10/31/2011
***save $2.00 on Pantene restore, beautiful lenghts or expressions styling treatment shampoo or conditioner 10/31/2011

Dishwashing/Dishwasher Cleaner/:
***50 cents off any Purex (Toonies for tummies) 9/30/2011
***x5 save $1.00 on any two Dawn products
***Save 41.00 on 1 bottle of Dishwashing Magic 12/31/2011
save $1.00 on 1 bottle of White Brite 12/31/2011
**Save $2.00 on Resolve Oxi-Action In wash stain remover liquid 10/31/2011
x3 save $1.00 on any Jet Dry rinse agent 10/31/2011
x3 save $2.00 off any one Finish Quantum 10/31/2011
***x5save $1.50 on any Cascades ActionPacs 10/31/2011
***save $1.00 on any Tide Washing Machine Cleaner 10/31/2011
Save $1.00 on any Tide Stain release product 10/31/2011
*** save $1.00 on Tide to go product 10/31/2011
Laundry Soap/Washing Machine Cleaners/Stain removers:
*** x3 save $1.50 on any Snuggle fabric softner 12/31/2011

save 75 cents on A&H Essential laundry detergent 09/25/2011
save $1.00 on OxiClean stain remover baby 09/30/12

***x6Save $2.00 On Boost Diabetic 06/30/2012
*x2 save 50 cents on any TUMS bottle 10/30/2011
*x10 save $2.00 on any Gaviscon (any format) 03/31/2012
*x10 save $2.00 on any two tums products (not valid on 12's or rolls) 03/31/2012
save $3.00 on any one lactaid 09/18/2011
x2save $5.00 on DR Scholls skin tag remover 12/31/2011
x3 save $1.00 on any elastoplast product 12/31/2011
save 75 cents on any Elastoplast product 10/31/2011
save $2.00 on any Imodium advanced caplets 09/18/2011
*x8 save $4.00 on 350 ml Liquid calcium product 03/31/2012
*save $2.00 on Jamieson Probiotic sticks or Advanced 4 strain probiotic 06/30/2012
*save $2.00 on Jamison Vitamin D Droplets 06/30/2012
*save $2.00 on Jamieson Super Calcium w/ vitamin D 06/30/2012
*x3 save $3.00 on Tylenol Back pain 18's or 40's 10/19/2011
*save $3.00 on Tylenol Back Pain (all count all sizes) 12/31/2014
*save $2.00 on Tylenol Muscle Aches & Body Pain (72's or 110's) 12/30/2014
*save $1.00 on Aleve 24's 12/31/2011
*x5 Save $3.00 on CanesOral 12/31/2011
* x3 save $3.00 On Dr Scholls Freeze away 12/31/2011
*x8 save $2.50 on any TINACTIN or TINACTIN Chill product 12/31/2011
**x5Save $4.00 on Advil Nighttime 12/31/2011

Deodorant/Body Wash (Male & Female)/Makeup/Body lotion:
***x3 save $5.00 when you buy any 3 Gillette products (exl trial size) 10/31/2011
***x5 save $1.00 on any Old Spice product 10/31/2011
save $2.00 on any Zest body wash 532ml 10/8/2011
save $1.00 on any 1 Zest 3 bar multi pack or larger 10/8/2011
***x5save $3.00 on any 2 Aveeno products 12/31/2011
x4 save $2.00 on any covergirl product 08/08/2011 &x2 08/27/2011 &09/05/2011
***X5 save $1.00 on Axe Body wash 12/31/2011
***X6 save $1.00 on any Noxzema product 12/31/2011

x6 save $1.00 on any Degree Men product 12/31/2011

Grocery Related Coupons:
x5 save $2.00 on any 2 Ziploc products
***Save 75 cents on one bottle of Hidden Valley ranch 473ml 12/31/2011
save 41.00 when you buy 2 packages of Wacky Mac veggie pasta 12/31/2011
***x3 save 50 cents on one 650ml bottle of miracle whip dressing 04/30/2012
****x2 save $1.00 on From the farm 750g from Cavendish 06/30/2012
*x2 save $1.00 Cavendish sweet potatoe fries 06/30/2012
*X2save 50 cents on any Oasis Nutisource 1.89L product 12/31/2011
*save $1.00 on any 2 Oasis Health Break Smoothie 12/31/2011
* save 50 cents on any Oasis Health Break smoothie product 300 ml- Any flavour 12.31.2011

***x5save $1.00 on any NEW Nature Valley Granola Bars value pack (12-24ct) 05/01/2012
***X5save $1.00 on any NEW Fibre 1 Granola Bars value size (11ct) 05/01/2012
***X5 save $1.00 on any NEW Betty Crocker Fruit flavored Snack (fruit rollups/gushers etc) (14ct) 05/01/2012

***x4 Buy any 4 295ml or 355ml Minute Maid NESTEA of 250ml BACARDI frozen concentrate products get one FREE 10/31/2011 (THIS IS NOT A COUPON ZONE COUPON!!!)

***BOGO any airwick freshmatic refil 10/31/2011
***Save $3.00 on any Air Wick scented oil starter kit10/31/2011
***Save $1.00 on any Air wick scented oil twin pack refil 10/31/2011
** Buy 2 save $1.00 on any 2 Air Wick aerosol spray 10/31/2011
***x5 save 5.00 on any Swiffer sweeper Vac starter kit 10/31/2011
***x5 save $3.00 on any swiffer wet jet starter kit 10/31/2011
***x5 save $1.50 on any swiffer sweeper or dusters starter kit 10/31/2011
***x5 save $1.50 on any swiffer refil 10/31/2011
***x5 save $1.50 on any swiffer dust & shine 10/31/2011
***x5 Save $1.00 on any 2 Mr Clean products exl 1ct erasers 10/31/2011
***X10 save $2.00 on Glade Decor Scents Holder 12/31/2011
***x10 save $1.00 on Glade decor scents refil 12/31/2011
x3save $1.50 on any swiffer refil x208/27/2011 & 09/09/2011
save 75cents on any A&H carpet deodorizer 09/25/2011
x2 save $5.00 off the purchase of a vileda Bee mop & refil 12/31/12
save $5.00 off any swiffer sweeper vac starter kit 09/08/2011
x8 buy one scrubbing bubbles trigger and get one Fantastik trigger free 10/31/2011

Pet Related Coupons:
*** x5 save $2.00 on any size Iams dry dog food 3.5lbs or larger 10/31/2011
***x5 save 50 cents on any Iams wet dog or cat food 10/31/2011
***x5 save $2.00 on any size Iams dry cat food 1.5lbs or larger 10/31/2011
*x2save $3.00 on any one bag of IAMS dry dog food 13.4 lb or larger 9/30/2012
save $1.00 on on package of Purina Beneful snackin slices any size 10/03/2011
x5 save $2.50 on any size any variety of Purina one Premium Dog food 06/30/2012
x2 save $1.00 on any one Cats pride cat litter (no exp)
save $1.00 on any one size Saular Scoopable cat litter (no exp)
save $2.50 on any one bag of Purina one smartblend cat food 1.8 kg or larger 02/01/2012
save $3.00 off Purina One Cat food 1.8 kg or larger 02/01/2012
Wish List:
Sunlight dishsoap coupons
50 cents of Min Maid/Nestea juice boxes (toonies for tummies)
Scope coupons (2012 exp)
FPC Crest Pro Health tooth paste
Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus Optimum Points coupons (V.I.B)
FPC Smart Water
$6.00 off Asprin (Im ok with printed coupons as I do not have a printer)
FPC Hidden Valley Ranch
Huggies Pampers diaper coupons (exp dates past November 2011 into 2012)
Huggies/Pampers Wipes coupons (exp past Nov 2011 into 2012)
Huggies Reward codes
Stamps (one stamp for every $5.00 in coupons)Tuna coupons
Heinz coupons (beans or ketchup)
Banana coupons
Childrens Tylenol coupons (2012 exp)
Purex $3.00 off
Janes chicken coupons
Peanut Butter
Nestle Pure Life Sparkling
Coke/Pepsi related coupons (bogo etc)
WalMart Gift Cards ($5.00 for every $45 in coupons)
**No French Coupons**
Open to Printed coupons as I do not have a printer
Interested in other trades feel free to ask :)*


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