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    Hi! I'm pretty sure I got your envie today, but it didn't have any of your info on it. It must be yours since you are the only one I traded with for Mott's coupons. thanks again!
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About Yulia11
Brampton, Ontario
Domestic Engineer
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Guys i am going for a long vacation in december...
so giving away my coupons...

Full P&G Nov 2011 insert


I have 3 pins get a FPC movie ticket with clearasil!!!

4x FPC Carton of Natrel Lactose free cream 10% or 35% (dec 31)
1X FPC KRAFT Shredded Cheese 280g or up to $6 pkg WUB any OLD EL PASO KIT, Exp. Jan 31, 12
2xFPC (up to 3.40$) 283 g Purina, Beneful, Prepared meals Dog Food any variety (30 jun 12)
2xFPC (2.7kg) bag of Purina One puppy food (up to 17$) 30 jun 2012
FPC (up to 9$ value) 1.8 kg bag of Purina Kitten Chow brand kitten food (june 30)
FPC (up to 1.25$ value) 85g tin of Fancy Feast gourmet cat food or 156g tin of Friskies wet cat food (jun 30)
FPC (up to 14$ value) 7kg pail of MAXX Scoop, Maxx Scoup small spaces cat box filler (jun 30)

I have 4x Nestle Good Start 340g formula samples (2012 november 8)

Ensure 2$ cheque (may1)

Shoppers points

6x10,000 Life brand digital thermometers (dec 3)
6x1000 W2B Advil Nighttime (dec 3)
6x1000 W@B Advil Muscle&Joint (dec 3)
6x750 Life brand cough drops (dec 3)
6x2,500 W2B Tylenol Complete (dec 3)
6x2,500 W2B Tylenol Extra strength (dec 3)
6x2,500 W2B Tylenol Arthritis Pain (dec 3)
6x1000 W2B Children\s Advil (dec 3)
6x2000 Life brand echinacea (3 dec)
6x1,800 2 Otrivin products (dec 3)
6x1000 W2B Vicks Nyquil or DayQuil (dec 3)
and others...

8$ Enfamil d-vi-sol Vitamin D supplement (dec 19)

5$ similac advance with omega 3 and 6 (april 30)
5$ similac swnsitive lactose free (march 31)
5$ Gerber Graduates toddler drink (30 june 2012) + sample

7x3$ any pediashure complete 4x235 ml pack (may 1)
2x2$ pediashure complete 4x235 ml pack (june 30)
3xFlintstones Vitamins ~ Save $2 [exp 2012, Mar 31
5x$5 off Pampers Cruisers WUB any one swaddlers, swaddlers sensitive, or baby dry diapers exp Dec 31/11 (x10)
5x$2.50 WUB any Pampers diapers AND wipes exp Dec 31/11 (x10)
5x$2 off Pampers swaddlers, swaddlers sensitive, or cruisers or easy ups exp Dec 31/11 (x10)

50c omega 3 eggs june 30 2012
1$ naturegg simply egg whites 500g june 30 2012
75c Black diamond sargento shredded jun 30 2012
75c lactania butter 454g june 30 2012
2x1$ gay lea spreadable (sep 30 2012)
2x1$ coolwhip whipped topping any dec 31
2x75c Smucker's any de c 31
3x1$ any 240g Blue water product nov 30
1$ natural selection 31 dec
75c rice thins crisps dec 31
60c 1 can eagle brand sweetened condensed milk april 30 2012
75c mazola oil dec 31 2012
1$ tenderflake dec 31
50c french's dijon mustard dec 31 2012

50c reynolds staybrite baking cups oct 31 2012
2x1.50 rubbermaid glass with easy find lids containermay 31 2012
1$ rubbermaid glass with easy find lids , lock-its, produce saver or premier container (04/30/12)
2x75 Thinsations (jan 3)
4x1$ any 340g-480g Marina Del Rey Product (31 jan 2012)
75c 8 count Eggo waffles (march 31)
4x50$ Pillsbury cookies or cinnamon rolls (dec 31)
2x1$ Pillsbury Pie Crust (dec 9)
1$ Arthur's smoothie
2x1$ 240g or up Blue water product pan sear (nov 30)
2x1$ any high liner pan sear selects 540g product (june 30)
5x1$ any frozen halal product (oct 29)
5x75c Bagel-fuls any (oct 29)
4x1.50 orville redenbacher's popcorn (oct 26)
BOGO Life style cookies (dec 31)
1$ 750g rustic red diced potatoes (jun 30 2012)
2x50c honey nut cheerios (dec 9)
2x1$ post honey bunches of oats cereal (jan 3)
3x75c morning crisp cereal (dec 31 2012)
12x1$ Fibre plus Kelloggs (feb 28)
2x1$ Fibre 1 cereal (dec 31)

1$ Dempster loaf (dec 5)
2x50c dempster white or 100% wheat bread (dec 30)

4x1$ w2b catelli healthy harvest (nov 30)
1$ w2b delverde pasta (12/31)

75c any Bick\s 1l product (dec 31)

3x50c diana gravy (march 31)
2x50c Hellmans 750ml (dec 31)
7x1.50 400g Krinos sheep or goat milk feta (dec 31)

11x1$ any astro biobest smoothie 4x200ml (dec 31)
50c Source product (feb 28)
2x1$ Nordica cottage cheese (sep 30 2012)
2x75c Nordica cottage cheese (sep 30 2012)

2x2$ becel pro.activ margerine (12/31)-printable
4x1$ Lactantia milk (dec 31)
1$ Oh milk (dec 31)
6x75 so good 1.89 l (dec 31)
2x1$ Danacol (jan 3)
5x1$ w3b Carnation evaporated milk 370 ml (1 apr 2012)
75c Armstrong, saputo or bari cheese (nov 30)
75c Mozzarella 340g by tre stelle (dec 31)
1$ Les Bouchees Saveur variety (dec 31)
1$ any black river cheese (dec 31)
6x1$ Smucker's Sundae Syrup (dec 31)
2x1$ Smucker's product (march 31)
2x1$ Smucker's simple blends product (march 31)
2x2$ Bertoli olive oil 2l (dec 31)
1$ mazola veg and canola oil (dec 31)
1$ Mazola canola and olive oil (dec 31)
21$ Tabasco (dec 31)

5x1$ any frank's hot sauce (oct 31)nergy drink (nov 15)
9x2$ 4-pack nose

2x50c v8 v-fusion light beverage and cans (jan 31)
6x BOGO nestea 12[341mi w2b (dec 31)
3x75c any flavur tea 473 ml (dec 31)
1$ arthur\s Fresh smoothie (31 march 2012)
3x1$any Melitta Coffee (dec 31)
3x75c any Melitta filter (dec 31)
2x1$ Folders (march 31)

Health & Beauty
1o x $2 wub2 Dove products (Dec 31)
10x2$ any Nivea pure&natural visage, body and hand care (12/31)
1$ st. ives green tea scrub or cleanser (nov 30)
2x3$ any ultra lift product (dec 31)
2x6$ any 2 Ultra lift (dec 31)
2$ any clerasil march 31

Body Wash/Soap
1$ axe dec 31
1$ any softsoap, body butter, body wash 443 ml (july 31)
9x2$ W2B Dove men care products (Feb 29)

Hair product
2x1$ any lever 200o bar 4 pack or body wash (12/31)
7x1.50 Dove Hair product (Feb 29)
7x1$ any Tresemme styling product (dec 31)
2x1$ w2b boxes (50 cnt or up) or any bundle (dec 10)

2x2$Tena ultra thins product (june 30)
2x2$ kitex w2b pads (11/25)
2x2$ w2b kotex liners 33 cnt or up(11/25)

2x3$ Colgate sensitive pro-relief toothpaste 75ml (dec 31)
10x5$ Listerine Whitening plus restoring 473 ml or 946ml (dec 31)
10$ Oral-B premium power Toothbrush (dec 31)
3$ any oral B battery toothbrush (25 nov)
10x1$ Hawaiian tropic sun care product (dec 31 2012)

1$ cascades 12-double or 24 single roll pack (dec 31)
6x1$ Glade decore scents (nov 30)
3xBOGO Glade automatic room spray refill and get a starter kit free (dec 31)
2xBOGO Glade automatic Spray refill get one FREE (dec 31)
BOGO buy2 any Glade get 1 free (dec 31)
2x3$ Glade Scented oil candle holder(dec 31)
2x 2$ Glade Scented oil candle refill (dec 31)
2x2$ glade 275g Premium aeroso;le (dec 31)
2x1$ Fantastik trigger (feb 6)
5$ scrubbing bubbles (dec 31)
9x1$ biodegradable J-cloth (blue or green (nov 15))
4x1$ rubbermaid refill reuse filterfresh bottle (o1 dec)
1$ Sunlight laundry detergent (nov 10)
2x1$ any 2 Arm& Hammer laundry detergent(dec 31)
2x1$ woolite (de c 31)

1$ 236ml or up Purel (11/6)
1$ w3or moreb purel(11/6)

3x 75c off on any size Royale paper towels, exp Sept 30, 2012
6x $1 off on one pack of Royale 3 Ply Elegant dinner Napkins, exp Dec 31, 2011

3x$3.00 SCRUBBING BUBBLES Bath Power Sprayer Starter, Exp. Mar 24, 12
2x1$ SCRUBBING BUBBLES or fantastic product (april 15)
BOGO SCRUBBING BUBBLES one step toilet cleaning kit (april 15)
2x5$ scrubbing bubbles toilet kit

1$ sunkist vitamins (nov 30 2012)
3$ cold a tak or virus a tak (nov 30 2012)
5$ snoreguard (3/31/12)
1$ ON any natures bounty (31/1/12)
2$ any co q-10 suppliment (31/1/12)
2x 5$ Abreva (march 2012)
5$Tylenol Artritis pain (march 31)
5$ dr.schooll's skin tag remover (dec 31)

6x4$ 350ml liquid calcium product (march 2012)
7x3$ CanesOral combi pack (dec 31)
3$ Tylenol back pain (jan 5)
3$ Tylenol body pain night (jan 5)
3$ Lactaid (jan 5)
7x4$ Nightime 40 ct (oct 16)
5x2.50 any Tinactin or Tinactin chill product (dec 31)
4x10$ Aerius 30 tab or up (aug 1 2012)
3x2$ reactine any (oct 31)
2x2$ Zantac 75 mg or 150g (dec 31)

2x5$ any Iams dry dog food (2.86 or up) (dec 31)
2$ Ceaser dry food (05. dec)
2x2$ Purina ONE cat food (march 1)
50c Milk bone biscuits or mar-o-snacks 450/500g (jan 29)
50c any Milk bone soft&chewy treats 113g (jan 29)
50c Milk bone essentials plus crunchy bites 198 g (jan 29)
50c Milk bone chew lotta snack 141/178 g (jan 29)
1$ kibbles n bits any 5.7/6 kg jan 29
5$ eukanuba dry dog food (jan 31)
50c any eukanuba wet dog or cat food (jan 31)
5$ eukanuba dry catfood (jan 31)

2x1.50$ GE reveal bulb or GE halogen buld (dec 31)
2x5$ on any Bissell full size or portable deep cleaning formula (01/15/12)
2x 10$ Thyme on your next purchase of 90$ (june 30 2012)
10$ off the shoe company (nov 23)

children's place

SPEND 50$ earn 5x air miles (jan 2)
spend 100$ earn 10x air miles (jan 2)
20% off all your purchases (2 jan)
20% off for a friend (2 jan)
buy a gift card get a 10% off coupon (12/31/11)

10$ off when you spend 50$ Babies R us (Jan 31 2012)
2x 20$ rebate valid on any Bissell deep cleaning machine. Valid on products purchased between 10/15/11 and 11/15/11

i have Quiznos coupons for free combo, 50% any sub BOGOs... valid till dec 31

FPC 2L Pepsi WUB Family meal at POPEYS 01/31/2012
FPC Apple Pie WUB bone-in Chicken, tender or Nugget combo 01/31/2012

MC Cafe broucher coupons for hot beverages valid dec 19

96 air miles broucher for shopping in rexall for cough and cold products (nov 30)

80 air miles for shopping in pottery barn (nov 30)
Wish List:
Wish list.
1$ Huggies Wipes (64-72ct), .10c Halls, 4$ Ground beef from El paso box, Cineplex Movie Passes, Vicks, Olive Oil, 5$ Colgate-Palmolive, Kikkoman sauce 1$ up, Revlon tools 2$, fresh produce and fruits, Robin Hood FLOUR, butter, milk, $2.00 - DanActive, 1$ Pringles, FPC diapers, wipes or coupons of Diapers valid to dec 2012. sdm points CT Money If you want $50+ worth of coupons, I don't mind trading for a $5 Zellars only plz, stamps, CT Money.


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