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    That is some flippin awesome stockpile...Have you shared this??? How lovely and respected!!!! I absolutely love it!!!!!
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    wow love the stockpile wtg keep on couping on lol
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About DebraLK

Basic Information

About DebraLK
Mother of 3 great boys, ages 12, 10, and 8.
Northern AB
Hockey Mom
Trade List:
Tena, $2, Nov 30 2013, x10
Garnier body, $1, Dec 31 2013, x3
Danone Silhouette stirred Greek yogurt, 50cents, Nov 2013 x9
Danone Silhouette stirred Greek yogurt, $1.50 wub2, Nov 2013 x9
Dove, Tresemme, or Clear hair care, buy one get one half off, Dec 2013, x20
$1.50 Tresemme, Dec 31 2013, x10
50cents Oasis Smoothie, Dec 31 2013 x9
50cents Oasis Health Break, Dec 31 2013
Blue Diamond Almonds, $1 wub 2 pks, Dec 2013
Stash tea, $1 wub 2 boxes, Dec 2013 x4
Welch's, $1, Dec 2013, x2
Sunrise soft or tofu dessert, $1 wub 2, Dec 2013
Frank's red hot sauce, $1, Dec 2013
Et Tu salad kit, $1, Dec 2013
Yves Veggie cuisine, $1, Dec 2013
Reynolds parchment paper of baking cups, 50cents, Dec 2013 x4
Canes oral combi-pak, $3, Dec 31 2013 x5
Carnation Breakfast Essentials, $2, Dec 2013 x10
Smucker's topping, Dec 31 2013 x4
Gerber Graduates toddler drink, $5, Dec 2013
Hormel Real Bacon bits/pieces, Dec 31 2013 x9
Free lettuce wub Hormel Bacon bits/pieces, Dec 31 2013 x8
Mazola, 75cents, Dec 2013
Wasa, $1, Dec 2013
Clover Leaf smoked oysters or smoked mussels, 40cents, Dec 2013 x2
Friskies Crispies/Friskies Party Mix, $1 wub2, Dec 2013 x10
Olympic organic dairy, 50cents, Dec 31 2013 x7
Gay Lea Gold premium sour cream, $1, Dec 2013
Kelloggs All Bran Cranberries & Clusters cereal, $1 Dec 31 2013 x9
Kraft macaroni pasta salad, 30cents wub 2, Dec 2013 x4
Malolactic corn oil, 75cents, Dec 2013
Fleishmann's Pizza yeast 3-envelope strip, 75cents, Dec 2013
any Zantac, $3, Dec 2013 x3
Zantac, $2, Dec 2013, x6
any Highliner 215-700g, $1, Dec 2013, x8
Marcy's (croutons/stuffing/bread pudding), 75cents, Dec 2013, x7
Maille product, 50cents, Dec 2013 x8
Almond Fresh, 75cents, Dec 2013
Kelloggs All-Bran cranberries & clusters, 75cents, Dec 2013, x7
Bassili's Best, $1 WUB2, Dec 2013 x4
Egg Creations/Egg Creations French Toast blend, $1, Dec 31 2013 x9
Dole live right bites, 75cents, Dec 2013, x10
Miracle Whip, 50cents, Dec 2013, x6
Aveeno, $3 wub2, Dec 31 2013 x10; 2 diff UPC's
Aveeno, $2 any hair care product, Dec 31 2013 x 7
any Garnier pure control, $2, Dec 2013, x7
Garnier Fructis Style power gell or power putty, $1, Dec 2013 x4
Nivea aqua effect, $1, Dec 31 2013 x3
Nivea for Men, $2 any wub Nivea shower gell, Dec 2013, x9
Maxidol, $1, Dec 2013, x7
Bic Soleil, $2, Dec 31, 2013 x9
Melitta Single Serve Coffee or any Melitta, $2, Dec 2013 x9
Melitta Coffee, $2, Dec 2013 x8
Melitta coffee, $1.50, Dec 2013 x3
Arm & Hammer toothpaste, $1, Dec 2013 x7
Arm & Hammer spinbrush, $1, Dec 2013, x7
Arm & Hammer ToothTunes, $1.50, Dec 2013 x7
Clorox, Tilex, Greenworks spray cleaner w/smart tube technology, 75cents, Dec 31 2013 x10
Clorox, Tilex, Greenworks spray cleaner w/smart tube technology, $2 wub2, $4 wub 3, Dec 2013 x10
St. Ives, $1 off 1 and $2.50 wub2 from diff lines, Dec 2013 x 10
Skintimate shave gell, 55cents, Dec 2013, x2
Schick Hydro silk refill, $4, Dec'13
Playtex gentle glide 360, $2, Dec 2013
L'Oreal Revitalift Miracle Blur, $4, Dec 2013, x2
Pup-Peroni or Snausages, $1, Dec 2013
Spot Shot, $1.50, Dec 2013
le salon Essentials (dog shampoo), $1, Dec 2013
zoe dental chews (dogs), $2, Dec 2013
Ocean Potion suncare, $1, Dec 2013, x8
No-Ad sun care, $1, Dec 2013, x5
Hawaiian Tropic, $1, Dec 2013 x6
PediaSure, $3, Feb 2014
Infants or Children's Motrin, $2, Feb 25 2014 x7
Arm & Hammer clumping litter or ultra last cat litter, $2, Feb 2014
Advil nighttime, any, $3, March 1, 2014 x2
Fleischmann's baking powder, 50cents, March 2014 x2
NicoDerm patches, $5, March 2014 x3
BioTrue, $5 off 300mL, March 2014, x5
$5 Robax caplets, March 2014
$3 Robax heatwraps, March 2014
Tide Boost, $1, June 2014, x2
Hawaiian Tropic, $1, Dec 31, 2014 x8
Tobasco sauce, $1, Dec 2014, x9
any Tylenol Back Pain OR 72/110's Tylenol Muscle Aches & Body Pain, $5, December 2015
Monari Federzoni Balsamic Vinegar, $2, NED
Wish List:
Coupon Wishlist, DebraLK
The dates beside the coupons are so I know when to take them off my WL.
I will accept coupons with different dates then what’s listed.
stack/french/TFT/store specific –no thanks
printed –yes good quality please

PIN code from General Mills free product promotion, 1 cereal box pin or 2 pins from snack boxes
FPC from General Mills free product promotion: FPC honey nut Cheerios hearty nut crunch, FPC fibre 1 almond cluster delight, FPC nature valley protein bars, FPC fibre 1 bars w/protein, FPC golden Graham's treats s'mores, FPC cinnamon toast crunch treats, FPC mott's fruitsations+veggie, FPC Yoplait source 650g, FPC Yoplait tubes
FPC Glade decor scents,
FPC Arctic Gardens, June'14
FPC Catelli, March'14
FPC any General Mills cereal 300-800g, Dec'14
FPC Danone, Mar'14
FPC McCain superfries, Dec'13
FPC McCain Deep & Delicious
FPC McCain Harvest Splendours
FPC 12-pk cans of Coke, Dec'13
FPC Tropicana, Dec'13
FPC Minute Maid/Five Alive/Nestea, Dec'13
FPC Doritos, Dec'13
FPC Oliveri fresh pasta, Dec'13
FPC Kelloggs cereal
$5 Arctic Gardens, Dec’13
$5 or $4 Chapmans ice cream
$5 or $4 any Quaker/Aunt Jemima, Dec'13
FPC Mars bar, Dec'13 or FPC Snickers bar
FPC Egg Creations, NED or Dec’14
Colgate-Palmolive $5 or $10
FPC Colgate-Palmolive, NED
FPC Ocean Spray, Dec’13
FPC VH sauce, Feb'14
FPC Old El Passo kit
FPC any Kellogg’s product, NED
FPC any Colgate-Palmolive, NED
FPC McDonalds small fries, NED, Halloween coupon booklet
$3 J&J call in, good on Aveeno/Neurtogena, June’14
FPC anything on my WL
Please check first, but pretty much any FPC, not baby-related or power bar

$6 Glade wax melts, Mar'14
$5 wub 2 AVEENO, Feb'14
$1.50 wub2 Casa di Mama pizzas, Dec'13
$2 on 1 VH Steamers, Dec'13
$2 Delissio Thin Crust Pizza, Dec'13
$2 Delissio Rising Crust Pizza, Dec'13
$1 Crystal Light, Dec'13
BOGO Special K morning shakes, Nov'13
Driscoll berries
BOGO Schneiders Grillem's
$2 on any Kellogg’s product, NED
Soft soap call-in
$4 Cover Girl
$2 CoverGirl
Colgate-Palmolive call-in $1
Dare cookies or wagon wheels
$1 any Heinz, NED
$2 Tide Pods
$1.50 Dempsters bagels
$1 Dempsters bagels, Dec'13
$2 Quaker harvest crunch granola bars, Dec'13
$1 Dr.Oetker Restorante pizza, Dec'13
$1 Tostitos tortilla chips, Dec'13
75cents D'Italiano rolls/buns,
$1 Old El Passo refried beans
$1 Thinsations, Dec'13
Subway, $1 off footlong or 50cents off 6"
$1 Renee's gourmet salad dressing, Dec'13
7-11 BIG BUCKS*** multiples
$1 Pinty's any frozen product, Dec'13
$1 Dr.Pepper 12x355mL, Feb'14, peelie
$1 Quaker instant oatmeal, Dec'13
75cents Kellogg's Frosted Flakes/Fruit Loops/Corn Pops, July'14
$1 Kraft parmesan, Dec'13/Feb'14
$1.50 Special K morning shakes, Dec'13
$2 Special K flatbread sandwiches, Nov '13
Kraft peanut butter
$1 any SC Johnson product, peelie, sept'14
$1 Del Monte fruit twists, Oct'13
$1 Danone Activia, GoCoupons/peelie
50cents Hawaiian Punch
35cents Duncan Hines
$1 Mio, sport ok, Dec'13
$1 Skinny Cow Frozen multipacks!!!!
50cents Pepsi 12x35mL, Nov'13
$1 wub 1 Ziploc (good on normal sandwich baggies)
$2 Jamison products, good on any, websaver
$1 any Astro, Dec'13/Mar'14
$1 Cheerios
$1 Quaker product/Aunt Jemima/Rice a Roni, Dec'13
Arctic Gardens, good on frozen vegetables not just menu
$1 any SunRype product (for juice boxes), Dec’13
75cents Sun Rype slim, June'14
$2 Downy Unstoppables (not WUB), NOT $1 please, Dec’13
$1 any Bounce, June'14
$1 McCain pizza, NED
50cents McCain superfries, Dec'13
50cents McCain tasty taters, NED
50cents Bush's baked beans, Mar'15
$2 or $1 wub 2 dozen normal eggs, Dec'13
$1 or 75cents Catelli pasta (healthy harvest or smart)
$1 or $3 Kraft shredded cheese, no more Swiss pls
Kraft Habaurno Heat shredded cheese
$2 or $1 Oliveri pasta, Dec'13 or '14
75cents or $1 General Mills cereal
$1 Mini-wheats, little bites ok, Not centres or raspberry centres
Quaker Life cereal
DairyMilk chocolate
$2 off 1 Dr. Oetker panebello pizza
Oasis juice boxes
Arm & Hammer cat litter deodorizer powder
chewing gum, eg. Stride, Trident etc.
Ocean Spray juice

$5 Neutrogena pink grapefruit
$5 Neutrogena pink grapefruit wipes
$3 any Clear product, Dec'13
$3 Clear Men's product, Dec'13
$1.50 Alberto European, Dec'13
$2 wub 2 Greenworks cleaning products, Dec'13
$2 Olay beauty bar 2-pk or body wash
$3 or $2 Iams dry cat food
$2 Scrubbing Bubbles
$3 or $2 Scrubbing Bubles freshbrush toilet cleaning (system or refills)Dec'13
$2 Dove beauty bar, printed ok, Dec'13
$2 Royale, good on TP
50cents CanTire money
unused P stamp
Sample: Garnier BB Cream,light
Sample: Nivea aqua effect
Sample: Jergens natural glow moisturizer


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