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  1. Hoping today is better....

  2. Have a great holiday
  3. Thanks so much for the rep!
  4. I hope everything is well with you. Thanks for all the reps, I try to rep back as often as the forum allows Have a fantastic weekend!
  5. Thanks for the rep!
  6. Hey, thanks for the nice post in the thread I started. Really, what you said was right.
  7. Lol
  8. What was up with the rep???
  9. Thanks for the friend request and I had to say something because he was trying to start something with you and that wasn't very fair considering you were being honest and sincere in your concern for her and he was just trying to stir the pot.
  10. Wow, your page is just beautiful!! Thanks for your comments
    ... and I'm asking for friendship, sorry I don't know how I missed you before!
  11. Thanks for the rep, now I WANT PIE
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