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  1. Thank you for the rep!
  2. Hey girl, Happy Spring! Things are okay in our little part of the world. Spring is coming in with some snow - and it will do so all weekend - but it's not much overall, plus it's hovering just under zero, so that's okay.
    Hoping life is treating you well!
  3. Hi Nat, ty for the messages, how are you doing? I still come on but I haven't had much time to be social lately. I hope everything is good with you
  4. Thanks for the message! I hope you are doing good hun!
  5. Happy new year.
  6. Thank you and Merry Christmas Nat!!
  7. Thanks Nat, I'm doing ok How are things on your end? I'll be around the forums a bit now since things are starting to calm down. I have to get some teeth fixed so I'm going for oral surgery but no big deal lol, I had my wisdoms out so it shouldn't be too bad compared to that LOL
  8. I'm glad about your news; hoping you are okay!
  9. Thanks hun, I got my disability after 2 yrs of waiting! YAY!!!!!!
  10. TY Nat! Means a whole bunch to me!
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