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  1. Aww poor doggy! Our dog growing up hated cars too. Poor thing cried and cried. Broke my heart. Hope you find a good place for him to stay while you're away. It's such a hard decision leaving them.
  2. ahhh so kind of you to offer to watch our doggy-but we are in Hamilton-and he doesn't like driving in cars too far-he doesn't like cars period -went back to the days when he was one he was took out on rainy days in the car -and he hated the wipers-ahh you are so sweet to offer
  3. DH and I are always baby sitting doggies! We'd be happy to take your doggy in while you're away and promise not to spoil too much :D We babysat Lynn49's dog while she went off to NY. Let me know if you need help with your fur baby!!

    Don't even know where you are but we're in Barrie.
  4. thanks on the rep and thanking me for winning-i am getting back into contests
  5. thanks for the congrats on my contest win-have a great night
  6. Your daughter in law is very lucky. Thoughtfulness is a very important quality.
  7. thanks for the rep about my wonderfull bag for a friend
  8. thanks for the sweet comment about my roak
  9. thanks for rep on my metro post
  10. thanks for the rep
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