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  1. Hi, Sue...!

    It's been so long since we've chatted! How on earth are you??!
    We're fine, Jenny is still Princess Jenny, spoiled as ever...okay, even more...I hope everything is going along swimmingly for you and your hubby!!! Hugs, Lynn

  2. Thank you, Sue....each day is a little easier, less pain....take care, Hon...Lynn
  3. Happy Canada Day to you and your sweet hubby, Sue!!
  4. Hi, my Friend! You're so like our DD in the kitchen; everyone cringes when she picks up a knife! She's cut her fingers so many times....just does things so fast...!
    glad you're healing nicely. Oh I can understand missing Jenny...she's such a joy in my life...always so attentive and ready for whatever adventure is next...she loves car rides, so all I have to say is, "Want to go for a car-ride?", she just bolts to the We either go to the dog park or to pick her daddy up from his afternoon with 'the guys'. Too cute. You really do need a silly doxie of your own....
    Christmas stuff coming along nicely?
  5. hi love! Fingers are much better thanks. Can't believe I was so absent minded. Too busy rushing about trying to get do a million things at once.

    I'm hoping like mad that poor Lil gets that doll. I'm going to check CT tomorrow and I ran across a Toys R Us express today so I'll try there too. Fingers crossed.

    How are you guys doing? I was just looking at pics and video of Jenny by the fire. Miss her!
  6. Oh, goodie!! I'm glad you're going to give it a try...sometimes the quantities of the ingredients can vary, but as long as there isn't a lot of the white "chocolate", and it's mostly just coating everything (and a bit more), you'll be fine.
    I found pretzel squares and am going to try them this year...and I did break down and buy the red and green smarties (although I much preferred the crushed candy canes, but DD hates mint!)...and if I can stop nibbling them tonight, they'll actually end up in the Trash!!
  7. I did!! Thanks for sharing it. Can't wait to give it a whirl.

    hope you are getting some rest after your busy day with Jack.
  8. I see you found my "White Trash" recipe! Believe me...everyone will gobble it up!
  9. and me, both! I hope you know how much it means to us to have someone like you and your hubby offer to care for our dear wee Jenny!! It's the only reason I will enjoy this trip without worrying about're incredible!!
  10. Counting down the days to our Jenny visit Hope you guys are doing well!
  11. Thanks for the rep! I can't believe some people don't have anything better to do than to come and be nasty on a forum. Would hate to meet them in real life. I'm sure they are a treat :D
  12. Thank you was an absolutely wonderful trip! I'd do it again if I enjoyed flying over the Atlantic! I don't. lol!
  13. Lynn, your photos of your trip are stunning!
  14. Thanks again, Sue...I hope you're trip comes to pass..we're staying in Rome for a few days at this B&B (we didn't want a 'generic' hotel that could be transplanted anywhere) that came highly recommended...if you want their web-site, just let me know. Our 12day cruise will take in Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt (to see the pyramids!)'s our 40th anniversary treat to us!
    Take good care...Lynn
  15. It will come. I've lost a dog before and being a dog rescuer we've had many neglected cases pass through our house with both happy and sad endings. It will get better in time.

    We're hoping for October for Italy. It's a dream vacation for sure. A cruise from there sounds heavenly.
  16. Thank you so much for your kind message...I wish I could remember Tammy with more joy and fewer tears, but I imagine that will take a long time...for now...take good care..Lynn I understand that you're going to Italy soon? We'll be there in September, before our cruise...when will you be there?
  17. So sorry for the loss of your sweet, precious Tammy.
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