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  1. hey you
    just a heads up that i "committed to buy" the Serenity set. Didn't want anyone else stealing it lol ... DH really liked them. SO, as soon as I get my paypal payment i'll pay! haha. I hope that's okay?
  2. HAHA! i totally forgot about that whoops
  3. hey! there's a Bubar-oo on tv right now!!!!
  4. sweet!! you will like it I think as the story progresses. It's different, and tugs at your heart strings
  5. so i bought dear john this afternoon.. already can't put it down! lol
  6. doh ... I can't post it on your page
    well, anyways here is the link at least lol
  7. I just bought The Rain and High Horses by the Swell Season
  8. Merry Christmas to you and your fam bub!!!
  9. *grin*
  10. Awww hehe! those Finn pics are priceless!
  11. thought you might find this cute
  12. *grin*
  13. hahahaha i've bookmarked that page for future reference
  14. haha i just read your comment while i was on the phone with my DH and burst out laughing
  15. the full album is streaming on it's fantastic!
  16. sometimes you just need a good
    hang in there
  17. bub, bub, bub.... after tonight we can always still have music to talk about! lol
  18. Lua, Lua, Lua
    After tonight ... whatever will we talk about?! lol
  19. I like your blog
  20. Ok! I will make sure I stay away!! I heard on BT this morning that there were more twists!
  21. don't visit the Bachelorette thread until you watch the episode! lol
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