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  1. in the madness i can't even remember if you saw that i got VIP tickets to MEET them

  2. no way!! gah!
  3. OMG! why do we not live in or near Ottawa and have lots of $!?!?! I just got an email about the presale for the Ottawa Bluesfest (that's where I saw OLP last summer) and the line-up this year is INSANE!!!! Some highlights include ARCADE FIRE! METRIC! .... THE SWELL SEASON!!!!!!! gah!
  4. yahoo!!!
  5. TOMORRROW!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahh!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. apparantly 103.9 has been like GLEE radio today? going to listen in the car on my way home
  6. *happy dance*
  7. update - cookies will be going in the mail after work today so you should hopefully have by the weekend. last night i was finally happy with how dry the icing is. now i can only hope that they arrive in one piece!
  8. Oh I will for sure post some pics on Facebook with a link to your blog in case anyone else wants some LOL thank you so much ... and if it's more than you initially said it would be since it took the whole day that's totally okay
  9. lol ok!
    well like i said, i'm going to get a tin tonight and hopefully get them packed and shipped. hopefully the icing is dry by then. the icing for the buttons is so thick it's taking a while! LOL
    you'll have to get me a pic of the boys faces when they see/eat them!
  10. it's okay - we are both trying to lose weight ironically Lmao ... so it's actually a good thing lol
  11. LOL! ah you peeked!!!
    i hope you don't mind the batch didn't make as many as i thought... those xbox ones took up a lot of the dough. but i'm glad they turned out! was a LOT of work! LOL took me all aft yesterday to do them
  12. I peeked ...

    But I will NOT tell the boys .. and OMG those are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
  13. great!
  14. LOL they do look pretty wicked though
    I'll let you know the final costs once I ship them. I trust you
  15. bwuahaha SOOOO tempting!!! what to do ... what to do!!!! ....
    Okay just confirm the total for me so that I can pay you
    If you want to get the S&H costs first that's cool don't worry i WILL pay you lol
  16. OKee! the cookies are made and look fab! I just have to let the icing dry a bit more before I can ship them. hopefully they'll be ready to pack tonight when i get home, if not they should be good to go for tomorrow.
    PS. if you want to be surprised as to what they look like - DO NOT look at my blog today LOL....
  17. LMAO i coco!
  18. oh and also:

  19. LOL .. i might try a new recipe this weekend along with your cookies and if they're good i'll throw some in your tin if there are no allergies to worry about then i'm not going to tell you what they are. you'll just have to wait and see
  20. what kind of crazy cookies are you making?! lol

    no - no allergies at all - unless you put cats in the cookies - but then i wouldn't want them anyways lol.

    i will make you a copy then!
  21. oh i'd love a copy!
    ..can't remember if i've asked too.. any allergies in your house? besides hubby and the chicken thing?
  22. i can make you a copy if you want just say the word!
  23. no! i haven't heard of them. Will have to investigate this weekend
  24. yippee!!
    have you heard The Temper Trap?
    ooooh i loooooove
  25. Ok. I'll get you that album too then
  26. no i only bought 2 songs but now i don't remember which, i have them at home
  27. Hiya!
    Did you say you bought "strict joy" ?
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