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  1. This is what you will be looking at sooon...very soon!!!! HAVE FUN BUB!
  2. i was like oh that's only 6 months ... oh wait TWENTY TWELVE!!!!!!! lol
  3. Chris PIne alert....Star Trek 2 is set to be realesed June 29...2012! hahaha along time to wait but I thought I'd let you know!
  4. so....

    omg that is awesome

  6. I'm pretty sure he isn't just happy bc hes at a game hahaha
  7. yeaps ... it was time to stop stalking trucks and move on
  8. Are you stalking my album pages? LOL I joke I joke..thanks for the comments
  9. ahh i'm sure you'll still love it just the same!
  10. I have the light shampoo and I got drench conditioner bc here they never had light lol and I did not want to wait. LOL
  11. ooh i"m so glad you are liking everything so much woo hoo!
    Which version are you using? Drench?

    Anywho, I'm good thanks for asking. Same old, same old! Sleepy!! lol
  12. Hey Little Lady! I was thinking what you were up too havn't chit chatted in ages! Hope all is well Ps. LOVING the shampoo I had to go out and buy the conditioner hehe
  13. Thanks Bub! and congrats on winning!
  14. Thank you!
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