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  1. Vee your pics of Sacha make me laugh you're so cute
  2. yeah yeah yeah i deleted everyone when i was going to shut down my acct that's all
  3. ummmm....??? were we not friends like 2 years ago? lol
  4. who wants some hoo hoo?

  5. Ur rep made me laugh! Your hilarious...hahah
  6. OMG there is 2 doggies!!! love it
  7. I posted house pics on fb
  8. i know
    i think it's a girls sweater
  9. Mm yumerific pic Thanks! But his pants seem so low or the top is to high lol
    CUTE shoes!
  10. lol - it's okay i'm glad i got it out of my system haha
  11. LOL silly girl...
  12. Im sure its good bc it looks like they have quite a few GF products...thanks again Bubaroo!
    Just got back from Ikea Ned's friend helped us bring back the stuff we bought...gah now I am really excited for Sat!
  13. noooo idea if it's good or not but i figured it might be worth checking out!
  14. OMG! Thank U....Im gonna make BF take me one day....YAY!
  15. new place in b-town
  16. here i am here i am lol
  17. Oh where or where is thee bub!
  18. that's the only place they sell them apparently it was made just for them or something who knows
  19. I might ...I will check it out for you if I do!
    They sell cookie cutters? lol
  20. hey cutestuff
    any chance you are heading to Sherway one of these days?
    If you are, could you check if they have the Star Wars cookie cutter set at Williams Sonoma? But not the one of the heads (Yoda/Vader/etc) ... the one with the SHIPS. LOL
  21. it's TODAY ONLY. I paid almost $600 with taxes and I'd pay it again ... this is AMAZING for that price
  22. How much? BF and I were saying we wanted to buy one like urs!
  23. mmmhmm ....
    oh by the way my amazing really zoom far camera is on sale today at best buy it's their deal of the day
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