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  1. Oh boy! lol
  2. ooh ooh please do tell ....
    maybe by PM lol
  3. I have an idea but it might be bad...yes its involves the ss, ur camera and u LOL bad bad idea!
  4. *shaking my head at myself*
    i need professional help
    oh wait - i'm already getting that ... lol
  5. ....... LOL Bad Bub!
  6. wow .... my camera can zoom reeeeeeally far
  7. aaaaawe now THAT'S a profile pic
  8. lmao ... scary!
  9. yeah i saw the toy (the pic on my page) at Chapters and just fell in love and HAD to buy it ... then i told the kids she was my new best friend and they had been replaced lol
  10. She is...kinda looks oldish in the cartoon.
  11. yep but she is much cuter in toy form lol
  12. Is this eglande (sorry I forgot her name haha)
  13. eeee!
  14. apparently she's from that new Owl movie which I have no interest in but the toy is SOOOO cute i just love her
  15. pardon me looked like a HE lol Eglantine..hmmm it will take some getting used to lol
  16. HER name is Eglantine She's my new love
  17. Bub the owl is adorable...what is his name???
  18. *snicker*

    it just startled me is all it had been a few months
  19. LOL oh ok then not sooo bad...but I see what you did there show me a pic of T and S so I can't say its an uncool jacket haha
  20. kind of like this lol
  21. like regular puffy black with a hood with fluffy stuff
  22. My eyes...they burn....NOOOOOOOO lol

  23. gah!
  24. bahaha yep i sure am!
  25. I know what your watching right now.....
  26. hey i was looking fwd to Enough. I remember liking that movie
  27. Oh haha ok that makes it funny!
    WIth JLo's acting it might as well been the same movie hehe
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