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  1. Good luck tomorrow Kim!!!! big hugs!!! Yes I worked today...picked up an extra shift! good day to be working, rained here all day! Hmmmm that train sounds interesting... well I gotta go and wake DH up from his nap... and Im gonna read for a bit, so I wont reply back straight away......
  2. Thats why I thought I would lurk at you this is a different train one that goes to each person you receive the train take what you want out then replenish it with the same amount totally different!!! Had an ok weekend don't want a pitty party but have my big MRI tomorrow so trying to keep busy so I won't think about it. Did you work?
  3. LOL thanks for the rep!!! Yes you caught me! well I dunno if I have enough good coupons for another train.... Hope you had a lovely weekend!!! do anything exciting??
  4. awesome! thanks Kim! will send it to you in the morning! have a lovely day!!
  5. NP your on I am so excited!!! Send me your wish's Sat if you want no rush!!!! Have a great day!!!
  6. LOL no never been on a coupon train!!! Okay I will join yours! but I gotta go and get ready for work now, and wont be home till after 9:30pm ish... so I will have to figure out my wishlist tonight!
  7. WHAT never been on a coupon train????? Yes you send 4 coupons or less if it is a FPC then only one for each persons wishlist....if worse comes to worse it can be replaced with a stamp instead of a coupon
  8. Ive never been on a coupon train before!!! was just looking at your thread... I see everyones wishlists... so I send YOU 4 coupons from each persons wishlist..forgive me, have no idea how these work... they always look so intimidating! lol
  9. lol yes it is a train the one where you send 4 items on peoples wishlist send to me then I send you a nice big envie of wonderful coupons lol
  10. what is VW?( besides volkswagon lol) Im guessing its a coupon train?

  11. You do VW at all I have my first one started if your interested
  12. Ok My Mouth is hanging open thanks for such an amazing envie full of AMAZING coupons and the little note!!!
  13. Thanks for the rep!!! well I just did a trade for 2 copies of the latest smart source.... so I can send them your way once I get them!
  14. awwww that is so cute Kim!!! trust you to find a Snoopy picture!!! lol. Happy Valentines Day to you too!!!
  15. Oh I know I just finish walking the dogs and my ears fell off!!!! Minus 25 here eeks
  16. Thanks for the rep Kim!!! I hope you have a great day as well!!!! brrr its a bit nippy here this morning!
  17. Thanks for the comments!!! And yes Snoopy will be VERY happy!!!! Have a GREAT day Aussie!!!!
  18. LOL I bet simba loves that! being pushed across the room! wow 28!! thats hot!
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