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  1. Hello Kim! no theres no referral links for bzzagent... just sign up how are ya? long time no chat!
  2. yeah I better walk away soon because another post was made and I boiling lol
  3. LOL well yeah... you probably dont feel like getting banned today, and I dont either!! when something irks me, I just walk away! lol
  4. well I had more to say but a zipper on lol
  5. LOL exactly! and at least I have DH to eat it if I dont like it! the ONLY bbq sauce Ive found that I like over here is the Canadian club honey garlic! Can't wait till my Mum comes over for a visit! going to get her to bring me some over! LOL
  6. to be honest I havn't tried it either lol but never too picky for .50 each lol I use it for the crockpot to so it will get used
  7. WOW what an AMAZING roak thanks soooooooooooooooo much Aussie means alot to me, my family and my parrents Thanks
  8. LOL good idea! well I really gotta get off here and finish getting ready for work..... have a lovely day!!!
  9. lol just pretend you can see it and run away lol
  10. well it showed up in the preview, but not the actual post... Hmmmm
  11. lol ok wasn't sure if you knew : )
  12. Yes I know!!!! copying and pasting images never works for me on SC... grrrrrrrrrrr
  13. psss I don't think your pic worked for you bday for your sister
  14. awww Thanks for the cute message Kim!!!! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!!!
  15. Thanks Kim!!! I did copy and paste! I always have troubles posting pictures on SC for some reason...

  16. you just have to copy and paste aussie
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