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  1. Sunny here and high today of 28!!!lol Snoopy loves the kitten we got in Feb he is so friskie Simba will go in his little crinkle tunnel and Snoopy will push it with his nose across the room it is really funny lol.
  2. LOL sounds cute! I remember that stage well!! Our Snoopy still loves chasing the cat, or nudging her.. especially when shes just woken up lol. she doesnt wake up as fast as snoopy does! its so funny to watch! I know!! we havent chatted in ages!! Hope the weather is nice for you today! its bloody raining again here!
  3. Snoopy is doing good he is 85% out of puppy stage lol. He just gets in these wierd moods where he will be hyper or chew on something he is not suppose to and chase a kitty lol. Funny thing it is usually when the kids are home. When there gone he follows me around like a lost puppy! Hope all is well with you we never get to chat anymore!
  4. Well your on the ball on the response lol Hope you have a fun filled night to-night. I can wait to get back home I miss SC!!!
  5. Thanks Pooh!!! Happy New Year to you too!!!!
  6. Happy New Year!!!! Say hi to Snoopy!!!
  7. Hope you had a good Christmas!!! Say hi to Snoopy!!
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