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    Buy 2 boxes of quaker instant oatmeal (228g-430g any flavour/variety)
    get 1 box quaker fibre and omega3 bars, oatmeal to go, granola bars yogurt, trail mix or 100cal.

    MIR for sunlight not to exceed 7.99, must have original recipt
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About kustomclipper
Trade List:
Thanks for Looking. Updated often, be sure to check back.


+B1G1 Cineplex/Empire Adult Movie Ticket - PINs from Energizer (ARV 12.00)
+ICoke Pins (= 3.00 in coupon value for trades)
+10% Home Outfitters -10% off entire purchase; regular and sale priced items. Valid April 1st - 30th. Not to be used with in conjunction with 20-25% off any single item coupon, or towards HBC gift cards, but not other restrictions.
+10.00 Loreal Hair Expertise (any) - B3Save10.00 Sep30 x2
+3.00 Green Works laundry detergent (1.33L/2.66L) Jun30 x2
+B1G1 Delissio Flatbread Melt - B1G1 Sep30 x3
+2.00 ANY S.C Johnson Product - Save 2.00 Jun30 x1
+3.00 Ziploc Big Bags (any 'big bags') Save 3.00. Nov30. x2
+10.00 MIR Brita Faucet Filtration System. June30 x1
-TAKEN-5.00 Domino's Pizza (large two topping) Jul31. x2
+5.00 Garden Centre [when you spend 9.99 or more at any participating store (I found them in the Loblaws family store so I assume they are good there) - when you also buy Extra Strength Reactine (20s or 30s)] Oct31 x6
+2.00 Glade (any except Aerosols and Ultra) - Save 2.00 (33683922) Apr6 x5
+5.00 Neutrogena Clinical (any) - Save 5.00, Dec31. x1 English; x1 French
+6.00 Aerius (any 30ct +)- Save 6.00 Mar2011 x2
+4.00 Aerius (any) - Save 4.00 Mar2011 x2
-TAKEN-5.00 Salvation Army Thrift Store - B25Save5.00 No Exp.

///LOCAL to Waterloo/Southern Ontario Region///

Talize - B25Save5.00 No Exp. Not to be combined with any other offer.
FREE Bluetooth Headset with any oil change package at Mr. Lube. Kitchener Locations only. While supplies last. Apr30
Fiddleheads Heath - 2x B20S3.00 (1x May31; 1xSep1) and Half Price Smoothie (only Cambridge and Bruce st. Location) -Feb 28, 2011.
iBowl (Cambridge) - Save5.00 off any 1.5 or 2 hour lane rental - no exp.


Black River Cheese (Maple Cheddar) - Save 0.50 Sep30 x3
Ocean Spray Ruby Pomegranate/Cocktail (1.89L) - Save 2.00 Nov15 x1
Oka Cheese (any) - Save 1.00 Sep30 x2
Nescafe Cappuccino or Late - Save 1.00 Dec31 x2
Egg Creations - Save 1.00 Dec31 x3
McCain Purley Potatoes - Save 0.75 Apr30 x3
Castello Cheese (Gorgonzola) - Save 0.50 Dec31 x3
VH Dipping Sauce (any 455ml) - Save 1.00 Jun30 x2
Clover Leaf Tuna (170g Albacore) - B2Save1.00 Jun30 x3
Activa (4x110g Activa Dessert) - Save 0.50 Dec31 x3
Old El Paso Dinner Kit (275g-510g) - Save1.00 May4 x5
Uncle Bens Bistro Rice (Express, Express Entree, Risotto, Natural Select) - Save 1.00 Aug31. x4
TreStelle Grated Parmesan or Romano (200g) - Save 0.75 Dec31.
Ivanhoe Cheese (Old Sharp Cold Pack) - Save 0.50 Dec31 x3
Shredded Wheat - Save 0.75 May31 x4
VH Cooking Sauce (341ml-355ml) - Save 0.75 Jun30 x2
Vlasic Pickles (any) - Save 0.50 Dec31x2
GayLea Spreadables (any 227g) - Save 0.75 May23 x1
Dempster's Healthy Way (ProCardio product) - Save 0.75 Jun30. x3
Dempster's BodyWise (any) - Save 0.75 Jun30x1
Silhouette Satisfaction (6x120g) - Save 0.50 May15 x1
Lipton Cup-a-Soup - B2Save0.75 Jun30 x1
Clover Leaf Soekeye Salmon (213g) - B2Save1.00 Jun30 x2
Crisco Oil (any bottle) - Save 1.00 Jul31. x3
Carnation Evaportaed Milk - B3Save1.00 Jul31. x3
VH Stir Fry Sauce (341-355ml) - Save 0.75 Jun30 x2
Robin Hood Flour (2kg, 2.5kg, 5kg) - Save 1.00 Jul31. x3
BioBest Smoothie (4x200ml) - Save 0.75 Dec31. x5
Dempsters Sun-Maid raisin Bread or Hot cross Buns - Save 0.75 Jun30, x4
Crisco All Vegetable Shortening - Save 0.75 Jul31. x3
Sesational Soy (Parmalat)(any 1.89L) -Save 0.75 Jul31. x1
So Good (any 1.89L) - Save 1.00 Jun30. x5
Knorr - Buy 3 products (any) get 2.00 off any fresh chicken purchase. Apr11. x5
Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk (any can) - Save 0.60 July31. x3
Extra Professional Gum (Multi-Pack) - Save 0.50 Aug31. x3
Van Houtte Coffee (ground or whole, 170g+) - Save 1.00 Jul31 x3
Simply Orange (400ml, 1.75l, 2.63L) - Save 0.75 Jun30 x3
Doritos (250g) -B2Save0.50 Aug31. x1
BioBest Max Immunite (8x94ml) - Save 0.75 Dec31. x5
Dofino Havarti Cheese (any) - Save 0.50 Dec31 x1
TreStelle Feta (any) - save 0.50 Oct31 x3
Lipton Brisk (any 12x355ml) - Save 1.00 Dec31 x1
SoL Organic and Vegetarian Cuisine (any product) Dec312011. x5
-TAKEN-V8 (any product) - Save 0.50 Jul31. x1
Dempsters bagels (Whole grain/Premium and English muffins - Save 0.50 Jun30 x4
Heluva Good! Dip - Save 0.50 Jul31 x3
T. Marzetti Dip - Save 0.50 NoExp x2

///Food T4T (Ont, Atlantic Only)///

1/2 Moons (306g box) - Save 0.50 T4T
AhCaramel (366g box) - Save 0.50 T4T
Cadbury (100g Family Bars) - B3Save 1.00 T4T
Campbells V8/Gardennay Soup - B2Save0.50 T4T
Five Alive (10x200ml) - Save 0.50 T4T
Janes Disney Kids Chicken Nuggets - Save 1.00 T4T
Janes MealMakers OvenRoasted Carved Chicken (550g) 1.00 T4T
Jos Louis (410g box) - Save 0.50 T4T
Laughing Cow Cheese (any product) - Save 1.00, 0.75
Maynards (170g-185g bags) - B3Save 1.00 T4T
Melitta Coffee (any) - Save 1.00 x3
MinuteMaid (10x200ml) - Save 0.50 T4T
Nestea (10 x 200ml) - Save .50 T4T
Passion Flakie (360g box) - Save 0.50 T4T
Pogo Originals 10s, 20s, Minis 32s, AllBeef 8s - Save 1.00 T4T
Tetley Instant Karama (20s, 24s containers) - B2Save 1.00 T4T


Scrub Free (any Naturally Clean) - Save 1.00 Dec31 x3
Lysol UltimateClean Bathroom Cleaner - Save 1.00 Jul31 x2
Cascade ActionPacs (up to 25ct/no tubs) - Save 1.00 Aug31 x3
WD-40 Smart Straw - Save 1.25 Jun30 x2
Duracell batteries (Coppertop 4 pk AA, AAA+; or any C, D, 9V, Ultra, PowerPix, Photo Lithium) - Save 1.00 Sep30 x1
Energizer batteries (any package) - Save 1.00 May31 x4
Mr Clean (any 2 different) - B2S1.00 Sept30. x3
Scott Paper Towels (any) - Save 1.00 May23 x5
-TAKEN-Scrubbing Bubbles (mega shower foamer/toilet cleaning gel/bathroom cleaner) - Save 1.00 Dec31. x1
-TAKEN- Kleenex (2 packs or 1 Bundle)- Save 1.00 x1
Gain laundry detergent (any) - Save 1.00 May30 x1
Gain Fabric Softener (any) - Save 1.00 May24 x1
Cascade ActionPacs (any) - Save 1.50 Apr20 x1
Cascade (any) - Save 0.50 Apr20 x1
Tide Stain Release (any) - Save 1.00 May24 x1
Tide (any) - Save 1.00 May24 x1
Royale (6ct multipack or 6 boxes) - Save 1.00 Dec31 x1
Royale Napkins (any) - Save 1.00 Dec31 x1


Loreal Hair Expertise (any products) - B3Save10.00 Sep30 x2
Studio Line (any Indestructable, Mineral FX, SFX product) - Save 2.00 Dec30 x3
Old Spice (any product) - Save 1.00 Jun30 x3
TreSemme Shampoo or Conditioner (any 900ml) - Save 1.00 Sep30 x1
Pantene Pro-V Expressions or Restoratives (any) - Save 1.50 Sep302011 x2
Spectro HydraCare (any Facial Moisturizer) - Save 3.00 Jun30 x2
Always Infinity - Save 1.00 May30 x1
Advil (any 72ct+) - Save 2.00 Dec31 x3
Maybelline (any Mineral powder product) - B2Save5.00 May30 x1
CoverGirl (any) - Save1.00/B2Save3.00 Apr24/Apr20 x2
Vicks (any Custom Care) - Save 2.00/1.50 May23/Apr24 x2
Vicks (any, not drops) - B2Save2.00 Apr20 x1
Aspirin Low Dose - Save 2.00 Dec31 x1
Gillette Custom plus3 (4ct) - Save 2.00 Jun30 x1
Jamison exxtra-C - Save 1.50 Jun30 x1
Reach ultraclean - Save 1.00 Jun30. x2
Ester-C (any Vitamin C) - Save 1.00 Dec31 x2
Genuine Health (any) - B10Save2 May31. x2
Dove hair care (750ml or 950ml) Save 1.50 Dec31 x2
Free Dove Styling Product (with purchase of 2 Dove Hair products; no size restrictions) Dec31 x2
Loreal (Healthy Look Cream Gloss Color) - Save 2.00 Dec31. x3
Loreal Excellence To Go (any) - Save 2.00 Sep30 x3
Dove Styling product (any) - Save 1.00 Dec31 x2
Marcelle Climatrik (any) - Save 1.00 Oct31. x2
Neutrogena Clinical (any) - Save 5.00, Dec31. x1 English; x1 French
Dove Hair Care Products (any) - B2Save2.50 Dec31 x2
Olay Total Effects Body Wash (any) - Save 2.00 Jun30. x1
Neutrogena Sunscreen (any 'full size' suncare product) - Save 2.00 Spet30. x3 Engish; x3 French
Old Spice Body Wash (any) - Save 1.00 (63751521) Jun30 x5
Fructis Tripple Nutrition (any) (Garnier) Save 1.00 (66411068) X5
-TAKEN- St Ives (any facial care) - Save 1.00 Dec31. x3
Spectro Derm Cleanser 500ml or Spectro EczemaCare, Kids EczemaCare or and Medicated Cream EczemaCare (just this one no QC)] Dec30 x2
-TAKEN- Claritin (any) - Save 1.75 Dec31
Clean & Clear (any 'Morning Burst' or Makeup Remover Product) - Save 1.50 Dec31 x3
Pepto Bismol (any) - Save 1.00 May30 x1
Robax Platinum (any) - Save 2.00 Dec30 x3
Bic Soleil Starter or 4pk Refill - Save 4.00 Dec31 x4
Bic Soleil Disposabe 3pk+ - Save 1.00 Dec31 x2
Schick Xtreme 3 disposable (any)- save 2.00 Dec31 x2
LaKOTA Topical pain relief (any) - Save 2.00 Jun30 x4
Sensodyne-F (any 100ml) - Save 1.00 Dec30 x3
HerbaShine (any shade)- Save 1.00 Dec31 x5
CoverGirl Mascara (any) - Save 2.00 May31 x2
TRESemme Naturals (any) - Save 1.00 Sep30 X3
TRESemme Fresh Start (any) Save 1.00 Sep30 X5
Venus (any Embrace Razor) Save 2.00 Apr20 x1
Venus (any Spa Breeze or Tropical Disposables) - Save 1.50 May9 x1
Herbal Essences (any Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling) Save 0.50 May23/Ap20 x2
Garnier Haircolour (any) - Save 2.00 May30 x1
Aerius (10ct) - Save 2.00 May15 x1


Iams (dry cat -any) - save 1.50
Beneful (dry dog -any) save 3.00
Purina Healthful Life (any cat chow) - save 2.00
-TAKEN- Iams (dry dog, any) - save 1.50
Purina Pro Plan Selects (2.7, 7.95kg, or 15kg) -save 7.50
Kibbles 'n Bits (5.7kg/6kg) - save 1.00
Beneful Prepared Meals - B1G1
Iams (kitten dry) - save 1.50
Eukanuba dry cat food 9any) - save 5.00
Fancy Feast Medleys - B2cans85g, g1 85g free
Purina Pro plan (dry cat 1.59kg+) -save 5.00
Eukanuba (dry dog) - Save 5.00
Iams multi-pack canned cat food - save 1.50
Iams (cat food, can ) - B1G1
-TAKEN- Iams (puppy, dry) - save 1.50
-TAKEN- Iams dog food (can) - b1g1
Purina Beneful snackin' slices - save 1.00
-TAKEN- Iams (any milti or variety canned dog food) - save 1.50
Maxx scoops (any) -save 1.00
-TAKEN-Purina busy Bone (any) - save 3.00
Purina Dog Chow (any) - save 2.00
Friskies Party Mix Cat treats (any 60g) -B2Save 1.00

Wish List:
///// Vitamin C (any); Vitamin D (any); Omega 3 / 3-6-9 (any) Multi Vitamins (any); Genuine Health/Greens+ (any) /////

Cheese (any); Eggs; Milk; Juice; Cereal; Tropicana; Quaker Oatmeal/Bars, Kelloggs Bars; Nature Valley Bars /////

AIRMILES Bonus Coupons, Aeroplan Pins; SDM Points /////


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