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  1. Going good it's going for you.
  2. Hi ya Mac
  3. Other than the fact that I am still suffering with the cold that DH brought me home from work not bad. Went shopping yesterday and picked up some good bargains and even found some new to me coupons. How have things been going with you?
  4. HI ya Mac, thanks for the rep. How have you been?
  5. Thanks for te rep, and I am truly glad to see someone like yourself finally win a jackpot of that size, I think that's the best. Take care and have fun, Moe.
  6. I will probably have a crappy one, gotta do inventory at work, got half the count done last night, but the tricky stuff is today, then figuring out all the amounts, ick. Ok, you get out and have a blast today.
  7. Thanks for the idea. Hope you have a great day too because I know I will.
  8. That sounds pretty cool, maybe something for a clamatis or vine to grow around, sounds neat. I've never been to the clinton slots yet, but probably just another place to leave my money. Have a wonderful and great birthday.
  9. We go to the slots in Clinton because that is where we live. I got this really cool metal pot hanger for hanging pots and pans but it will be used for something creative in the garden. I'm just not sure what it will be yet though.
  10. Hey that's awesome, which slots did ya go to? And did you find any good deals at yard sales?
  11. At our house you get 1 day on the weekend before your Birthday if it does not fall on the weekend to do whatever you want. So I went to yard sales, shopping,to DQ for B1G1F Blizzard, to the Casino and out for supper all with my DH. I had a blast and even won $ at the Casino to help pay for it all.
  12. YOu are very welcome. Any big plans for the special day?
  13. Morning and thanks for the Birthday wishes.
  14. Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  15. Thanks for the rep boost Mac.
  16. Hey, I didn't realize you were from this area, I thought you were out west for some reason. We only live about 1.5 hours away from one another. Will set ya up with a great senior, heck you may even get stuck with me, talk soon, Moe.
  17. Thanks, signed up.
  18. Hey mac, let me know if your still having troubles finding it, the link below should take ya to it.

    Here ya go, sign up there, and I got a perfect person for you.
  20. I would love to but I can't find the post.
  21. HI mac, sure you can be adopted, but could you please mention this in the adopt a newbie thread instead of the one you posted in. Just easier for your senior member to find you, and lets me keep track that way as well.
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